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TV Guide February Sweeps "Fever"

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TV Guide has their February Sweeps preview on their site that you'll want to check out. The thing that gets me is the All My Children  preview.

It's no secret All My Children's Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) likes men — witness her 11 marriages and countless trysts — but she's never had jungle fever. Until now. Actor Mario Van Peebles joins the show this week as Erica's new love interest, Samuel Woods, a hell-raising U.S. DA who is intent on making the rich and powerful pay for their crimes. Erica is instantly enticed, unaware that Woods has an ulterior motive — he's secretly investigating her.

"Jungle Fever"? What exactly does "jungle fever" mean? Did Erica go on some sort of jungle expedition none of us knows about and forget to take the malaria shot or vaccination regime, thus catching some sort of contagious disease? For some reason I doubt they were implying that Erica forgot to visit Dr. Joe.

Update:Since I first posted the question about "Jungle Fever" TV Guide has edited the wording of paragraph. Thanks to Daytime Confidential reader days4ever for bringing this to our attention.

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