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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Jan 31,08

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I was surprised to see Lucky go back to see Liz. In fact, when the scene first started, I thought it would turn into Liz’s dream, because I couldn’t understand why Lucky went all the way home, saw Sam through the window than went all the way back to the hospital. Interesting scene with Lucky showing some regret for his past actions. All the what ifs and the should haves that a person gets in retrospect.

Lucky/Sam: Again, interesting scene. She’s pouring out her feelings and he accepts it enough to lean in for a kiss and then he blows her life apart. And, you’ll notice her first reaction was to deny. “Liz is making up stories”. I was surprised she didn’t immediately jump into victim mode and blame Jason and Liz for her actions. It will be interesting to see how this plays out now. I wanted to feel sorry for her, because KeMo was projecting so much hurt and fear, but I just can’t justify what Sam did to those kids.

Line of the day:

Sam: “I can explain”

Lucky: “No you can’t”

Sonny: Here’s a crazy thought, instead of moping and drinking in some strange bar and then shacking up with some strange woman you just laid eyes on, why not go home and have a long talk with your son and find out why he wanted a gun so badly. That Father Of The Year award will not be seeing Sonny’s mantel anytime soon.

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And speaking of Claudia, I’m rather annoyed that the first person she sees when she shows up in town is Sonny. Why??? I’m hoping that she recognized who Sonny was and that’s why she showed up at his room, so she can have leverage against him later on, because his behaviour towards her would not have endeared me to him.

Jax/Kate: Ok, am I the only one seeing chemistry oozing from these two? They just fit so well together. Too bad they’re hung up on other people less worthy.

Nik/Em: Here’s a crazy thought. If you want to reconstruct what happened that night so that Nik remembers something, why not go home, to the place where it happened, instead of in the middle of Jason’s office. Eeesh. Although I did laugh when Jason ran up all, “who are you yelling at”.

Luke/Tracy: Nice to see TG took a short vacation this time around. Not sure how I feel about the tension in the marriage. I guess it makes sense. I’d be pissed too if I was Tracy and my husband left every two months. But I like them so much together, I just want them to make up and go after Monica together.