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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 01.31.08

Here's the Scoop!

Not like I need to remind you again... but I am so excited!  Sarah Brown returns TODAY!  Claudia Zacchara has a signature color, red.  Didn't they learn anything from Angel? 

Welcome Back Luke Spencer!  Tony Geary returns from vacation.  He'll come back to the Q Mansion to find out he doesn't live there anymore. 

Sam's hit and run... Jerry finds her and takes her to GH.  She needs emergency surgery.  Both Lucky and Alexis rush to the hospital.  Will anyone believe Sam when she wakes up?  Her recent stretch of lies has Sam's story being questioned, that and the fact that the PCPD are convinnced Cooper Barrett was the TMK.  Sam tells Lucky she's not lying and the text messages on her phone can prove that.  Uh Oh though, where's Sam's phone? Lucky does tell Sam he'll find whoever ran her down but he has no intention of reconciling with her. It's during Elizabeth's visit that Sam comes to.  

Its another day of Who Hit Sam?   Carly, Elizabeth, Monica and Nikolas are your suspects.  Is a drunk Monica the witness to the accident or was she the cause?  Monica reports her car stolen after a shaky night out on the road. Did a tired Liz strike down her enemy?   An emotional Carly tells Jax she thinks she scratched the car when she hit something. Was it Sam?  Nikolas is missing from General Hospital.  Did he hit Sam during a black out? 

LL3? Not likely.  It looks like Johnny and Lulu are going to be paired.  Logan is RUMORED to see the two in another intense lip lock and don't forget, Lulu and Johnny are said to have sex, soon!  Possibly a little Valentine's Day lovin'.  Logan is RUMORED to pour his heart and soul out to Lulu but are there troubles ahead for Scotty's son?  We're hearing his dog tags are found in Cooper's room.  PC's newest PI, Spinelli and his partner, Maxie, find the Vet's tags.  

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The TMK still needs to be revealed!  We're hearing the killer is revealed during sweeps but is he caught?  There are some strong RUMORS that the killer is revealed to the audience.  Is the killer currently onscreen or is he a blast from the past?  RUMORS have had a familiar face on the GH set recently.  

Ric, Marianna and his piers.  At first it will seem Ric is willing to let go of the piers and his long standing grudge against his brother.  Trevor however is pulling Marianna's puppet strings and she may be the one trying to convince Ric to just let it all go.  The two will get closer and Ric may develop some deep feelings for Marianna who decides she doesn't want to play Trevor's game anymore.  Trevor is RUMORED to start plotting Marianna's demise and making it look like Sonny and Jason are behind it.  What about the RUMORS that Claudia and Ric have a past?  We're hearing those could still be coming true.  


Who's the super secret familiar face on the GH set?  Is it Robert Lasardo?  RUMORS have the killer's hands being revealed, his tattooed hands.  Is it Ted King?  Alcazar had plenty of enemies, so did his extended family.   Is it Diego?  

Dr. Devlin is a bad dude.  RUMORS say he's worse than James Craig.  Speaking of Mr. Craig and Dr. Devlin.  We're they partners a year ago?  Could that be why Dr. Devlin shows an interest in Dr. Scorpio?  Remember, we've scooped this before...Robin may not have been so random of a victim during the Metro Court hostage crisis.

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