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One Life to Live: Roxie's Mother, Ohh the Guest Star Possibilities

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Anyone who has been watching

One Life to Live

knows that the focus of Rex and Roxie's story is that Roxie may have been lying to him all these years about who his father is. While some may be focused on "who Rex's father is" I couldn't help but notice that all of a sudden Roxie has been started saying off the cuff things about how her mother may be alive, or not.

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So with this in mind and considering the success that Bold and Beautiful has had by having Betty White guest star as Stephanie's mother I thought, why couldn't One Life to Live pull off the same thing? With a little help, I've come up with four actresses who could pull off the wacky comedy style required to be Roxie's mother.

First up Phyllis Diller. Maybe its the hair but she was the first actress to come to mind when I started thinking about potential guest stars.

Next up, Charlotte Rae of Facts of Life fame. After watching her as Mrs. Edna Ann Garrett for all those years need I say more?

Then we have the Oscar winning Cloris Leachman. If Days of Our Lives can have Oscar winning Shirley Jones than I think One Life to Live as the best written soap deserves it's own Oscar winning guest star.

Finally we have Ellen Albertini Dow who starred in one of my all time favorite episodes of Will & Grace as Karen's mother-in-law and thanks to Jack and Will ends up as a gay bar and doesn't realize it until to late and then goes off the deep end. This actress has all the talent and would be hilarious opposite Roxie and Rex.

So who do you think would make a great guest star as Roxie's mom?