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All My Children: Well? Are Ya Happy Now??

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Just when you think it can’t get any worse they have to go and prove you wrong. I thought AMC had hit rock bottom but I guess I was wrong. Apparently there was rock bottom, 50 feet of prehistoric manure and then AMC. What is so wrong with AMC? I am so glad you asked. Here is my list in no particular order.

1. Krystal - she has been a leech on this show to many people for quite a while. I, personally, tolerated and even liked her for most of her tenure in Pine Valley. I know she was neck deep in the MiraBess scandal but she went to jail for it. That made it a little easier for me to forgive her. She’s been a gold digger and she comforts her friends flat on her back but she’s always been interesting to me. Comedy relief. But then she had to go and drag JR into her mess. This so the straw that broke my camel’s back. I have said it before and I am going to say it again. Krystal is dead to me!!! JR has no place in this battle. This is strictly between Tad and Adam. JR is more than able to give as good as he gets but we all know that when things go sideways with Adam he will be on a bottle of scotch faster than you can say Dewars. If Krystal had any inkling that she believed Adam knew where Kate was she should have told Tad. I find Tad and Adam infinitely more entertaining than Adam and JR shredding each other with Colby caught in the middle. One can only hope that Angie will get a bug up her ass about something and rip Krystal’s hair out by the roots.

2. Richie –
my poor pretty Richie. What have they done to you? I loved you so much and the writers went and ruined you! Instead of letting you be a bad ass who was willing to “commit” suicide to frame Ryan and Aidan they had to go and give you leukemia. I always knew Annie would be tested as a marrow donor at some point but I didn’t know she wouldn’t be a match. And because of that you felt it was necessary to emotionally blackmail a 5 year old. WTF???? Are you kidding me???? And you think Bobble Head Babe is going to be your salvation? Is her hoo-hoo really that glittery and shiny? Why can’t you be a bad ass and run the town with Amanda Dillon?! You’ve already met her mom and she loves you! Just leave the kids and the Bobble Heads alone. Maybe then I can rekindle the love we once had.

3. Ryan’s Amnesia –
oh for the love of God! He got grazed by a bullet and has a scratch. I have a bigger bruise from where I walked into a door last week. But this bullet that whizzed by his head was so traumatic that he is going to forget that last 4 years of his life. Uh-huh. I am so over this. In fact, I was over this the first time I read the spoiler about his selective amnesia.

4. The “Real” Greenlee –
all this publicity and it just fell so flat. I love Rebecca Budig. I think she is adorable and a great actress and just the best thing since the invention of pb&j. But there was so much undoing, rewriting and shoe horning done to facilitate Rebecca’s return that I just can’t enjoy it. I’m not feeling her and Aidan. I’m not feeling her and Zach. I’m not feeling her and Kendall. It all seems so forced. I feel like we are in a holding pattern with her. She may be on death’s door but this just seems like filler until someone can get the ball rolling again.

5. Total disregard of RECENT history – Last time Frankie was in PV he was actually Frank and he was older than he is now. How can that possibly be? He also had a child with Mia Saunders that she gave up for adoption. Last we saw Frank he was being dumped by Simone Torres. He was never seen again until Aidan found him in the woods where he must have been drinking from the Fountain of Eternal Youth and Reverse SORASing. Did anyone catch Kendall calling everyone in her Blackberry to come donate blood for Greenlee? I seem to remember a plot point that outed Greens as Jack’s biological daughter. They both share a very rare blood type and she was the only one that could donate blood to him for a transfusion a few years back. If that is the case what is the point in everyone coming to donate blood? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that only Jack would be a match in the event Greens needed a transfusion?

I’m not gonna lie. I watch AMC on fast-forward most days and just slow down to hear Zach’s super sexy voice. And sometimes I stop to see if anyone is saying anything remotely interesting. But, let’s face it, they never are. I could give them a pass and say it’s because of the strike but I don’t think it is. I think this is just the status quo for AMC now. Sure the hospital got an update but that’s just a band-aid for what is really wrong with this show. It’s all flash and no substance. I could go on and on and on about all the things I don’t like (Bobble Head Babe, Erica’s new man, Kendall and Aidan’s Night of Unpassion, etc…) but I don’t have the time or energy to make that list. And I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer. So, I’ll end this on a positive note.






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