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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.01.08

WOW...It's February already!

Here's the Scoop! Sorry its a light one today!

Kate learns of Sonny's night with Claudia!  She'll find a friend in Jax.  Is it me or are they testing these two, just in case?

Why No Custody Battle for Lucky and Liz?  It seems they don't want to tarnish the character of Lucky Spencer anymore then they already have.  It'll be a rough go for Lucky and Sam.  Her accident isn't a quick fix to their relationship.  But I am still hearing that TPTB are very pleased with the response a couple, that they intended to go nowhere, has gotten. Look for Lucky and Sam to start rebuilding their relationship. 

Elizabeth will once again encourage Robin to tell Patrick the truth.  RUMORS have had a stronger friendship developing for these two and Elizabeth should act as Robin's voice of reason.

Jerry is there for Alexis after Sam is hit and when Kristina is nabbed.  Ian will see that Alexis is someone important to Jerry and he may be making some threats towards the current DA.  Dr. Devlin may also be brought in on Nikolas' case putting him in more scenes with Alexis.  As for Alexis and Jerry, it should be a push and pull for these two.  Helping Alexis turns out bad for Jerry. 

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Luke Spencer back in the mob?  For awhile now the RUMORS had him getting involved in the current mob situation since Lulu can't seem to keep herself out of it.  Now we're hearing that Luke may be going to Sonny for a job. 

RUMORS are still strong that the TMK is a blast from the past.  

I mentioned a few Scoops ago that Logan sees Johnny and Lulu in another lip lock.  Does he go a little crazy over what he sees?


When the news of Robin's pregnancy first broke, the RUMORS said Patrick would find out he is the father during sweeps.  As the story started to unfold, SPOILERS had Robin keeping the secret with karma coming back to bite her, in the form of Carly Corinthos Jacks.  Now we're hearing that it could be another overheard conversation that spills the news to Patty.  The latest RUMORS say Patrick will overhear Robin and Elizabeth talking and that's how he learns he is the father.  The RUMORS go on to say that Patrick confronts Liz and tells her to not tell Robin he knows.  Remember, the previous SCOOP said Patrick did not know he was the father at the end of sweeps.  

Alexis kisses Dr. Devlin?  There's a RUMOR that she does to piss off Jerry. 

Miracle Baby? Yet again?