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General Hospital: Spoiler Pics!


Here's a picture of an upcoming scene on General Hospital.  Nikolas collapses at GH and as we told you earlier, Dr. Devlin takes an interest in Nikolas' case. 


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Spinelli is on the case!  What's on his trusty laptop? Is that someone getting out of their car?


Lulu's upset over Logan!  They're in his apartment if you notice and from what the rest of the pics show us, he attacks her!  There is a pic of Logan lying on the floor and Johnny checking for a pulse.  Is Logan Hayes, dead?  Is he the TMK?  We're still hearing that he is not the killer and that someone is coming back!  RUMORS for what's going on at Logan's place.  He goes nutso when he sees Johnny and Lulu in an intense, lip-locking moment.  Logan is said to pour his heart and soul out to Lulu who we're guessing tells him she wants to be with Johnny.  From the looks of the other pics (we can't post all of them), he gets a little rough with Lu, possibly even choking her.  Enter Johnny Z to save the day and we have an out cold Logan on the floor with a mark on his temple.  Is it a gunshot hole?  We don't know.  But the RUMORS go on to say that (and from pics we know its true) that Lucky and Scotty come to Logan's place.  Is Logan still there?  We don't know but RUMORS say he could be gone...on the run.


Another Spinelli dream sequence?  Love It!