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Days of Our Lives: Writing Team Axed!

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Soap Opera Network is reporting that Days of Our Live's entire writing team has been axed!

"According to sources, the following writers have been fired and will not return to the show after the strike ends:
Head Writer: Hogan Sheffer; Associate Head Writers: Tom Casiello, Frederick Johnson, Meg Kelly, Gordon Rayfield, Judy Tate; Script Writers: Judith Donato, Renee Godelia; Script Editor: Richard Backus. The status of the other Script Writers: Bettina F. Bradbury, Cydney Kelley, and Jodie Scholz is unclear at the moment."

This comes amidst a major upheaval at the venerable soap. Long time actors and actors portraying fan favorite characters are being fired right and left. Still other actors have been reportedly fired though Days of Our Lives representatives have denied the validity of the reports. In addition Carolyn Hinsey reported that Dena Higley is writing for the show during the strike and considering these developments it would seem that rumors of her taking over after the Writers Strike could be true.

My question is this. Where is Ed Scott of Young and Restless fame? Wasn't he brought in to provide a steadying hand and to bring Days of Our Lives back from the brink? There had been signs of a Days of Our Lives comeback in late 2007 but it's almost as if the Writers Strike and 2008 has ushered in an era of mayhem in Salem.

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