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Writer's Strike Coming To An End!


Looks like the end is near as the Writer's Guild of America and the Hollywood Studios may have a deal done by this coming week according to MSNBC.

Although work remains to be done on elements of the agreement, prospects for a deal appeared solid, said those close to the situation. The tentative agreement would have to be approved by a majority of guild members. The two sides breached the gap Friday on the thorniest issues, those concerning compensation for projects distributed via the Internet, said the person, who requested anonymity because he were not authorized to speak publicly.

A second person familiar with the talks, also speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to comment publicly, said that significant progress had been made and a deal might be announced within a week. The people did not provide specific details on the possible agreement. Major points of contention include how much and when writers are paid for projects delivered online after they've been broadcast on TV.

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The guild, whose 3-month-old strike has brought the entertainment industry to a standstill, began informal talks with top media company executives Jan. 23 in an attempt to reach a new deal covering governing work for film, TV and digital media.  Negotiations between the guild and alliance negotiators collapsed Dec. 7 after the alliance demanded that proposals for unionization of animation and reality shows be taken off the table. The guild refused.

This may just be in time for the Academy Awards to proceed on February 24 with the full, star-studded ceremony. And it looks like Cindy Adams may have been right after all. However it now remains to be seen what will happen to the soaps once the strike ends. Days of Our Lives has already fired its writing staff so it will be interesting to see what happens with the rest of the daytime dramas.