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General Hospital: A Second Scoop of Spoilers!

As promised....back with more. 

Here's the Second Scoop!

What's up with Ric and Marianna?  Why does she need to work for Trevor?  RUMORS say she has some debts to pay off.  Ric may be falling in love though.  EARLY RUMORS had Marianna not being around for very long.  Is that going to change?  

Lucky will have to give Jake up...especially when Jason claims his son. 

Elizabeth pays Sam a visit at GH.  She'll tell Jason afterwards that she thinks she may have been the one that hit Sam.  Jason doesn't think so.  Jason also visits Sam.  He doesn't believe the TMK was Cooper and Sam claims the killer was chasing her the night of the hit and run. 

Remember the RUMORS about Elizabeth not hitting Sam but possibly hitting the TMK?  Well it may not be Liz that hits him but someone did.  We're supposed to see dreams/flashbacks of the night from Elizabeth's perspective.  Will we see them from Nikolas' too?  That's a RUMOR out  there...that Nikolas could be the one that hit the TMK and he'll start to remember what happened.  He can't recall the events surrounding Emily's death, but he's going to remember this?!  

We're still hearing that the TMK is revealed this month! Who is it?  Logan? As we told you earlier, the RUMORS say it will look like Logan is the killer, but appearance isn't everything.  

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A little twist... is Logan the TMK but not who was chasing Sam?  OLD RUMORS had the bussboy from Kelly's as a super fan of Sam's and that it could be his fan obsession that has him going after Sam. 

Another nod to Liason history?  We're hearing fans of this pairing will be pleased.

Another Heart of the nurse's suffers a heart attack.  We talked about this a little ways back.  ABC and Campbell's Soup is teaming up.  The nurse who suffers the heart attack will also be a guest at a Luncheon at Kelly's in support of the Heart Healthy Campaign.