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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Feb 4,08

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Just a quick thought about Friday’s episode before I move on to today. Why was the TMK so determined? He attacks Sam, she fights him off, he attacks her a second time, she kicks his *ss, so he goes after her a third time. Seriously? You want her dead, that badly. To the detriment of your own health and safety? I mean, there are other fish in the sea here. And it’s clear we can eliminate Johnny from the list of suspects.

Now, as for today….

I understand why Kate was in a robe, she was waiting for her clothes to dry, but why was Jax in a robe? It’s his house. All he had to do was take off his wet stuff and put on some dry clothes. Clearly it was so the greasy little mobster and the shrieking shrew would both get the wrong idea, but really. Contrivance much?

Sonny/Kate; In a way, it’s an interesting new tactic, informing him that they’re not over and she will fight for him, but in another way, why would she want to? He’s been truly hateful to her and yet she still comes back for more? I don’t believe that.

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Possible hit and runners: Liz, asleep at the wheel. Monica, drunk at the wheel. Carly, in tears at the wheel. And Nikolas, crazy at the wheel. So many choices. I get that Nikolas wouldn’t remember if he hit something, but Carly should have been aware if she hit a person. And Liz, despite being asleep, should have been aware that she hit something too. So, I’m going with Monica as Sam’s hitter. She just did too much to cover it up.

It’s too bad Johnny and Claudia are brother/sister, because there’s some interesting chemistry going on there. Of course, Johnny has chemistry with a rock, but still.

I loved the Claudia/crazy Daddy scenes and the Claudia/Trevor scenes. Right now she’s coming off as one tough cookie, and maybe a slightly crazy one at that. Here’s hoping she does me (and Ric!) a favour and hands Trevor his butt on a silver platter.

When Nadine was eavesdropping on Scrubs/Dr McSmarmy’s conversation, why didn’t she mention that Nikolas has been having hallucinations of Emily? Isn’t she duty bound to report something like that?