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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.04.08


Kate on a gurney!  The RUMORS of someone gettting shot with the gun Michael bought have brought up a social debate/conversation here at and in the TFO Forums.  EARLY RUMORS had Morgan being shot then we heard it wasn't going to be Morgan but someone may be shot by Michael or Morgan.  NOW we are hearing that it is Kate getting shot.  Who's pulling the trigger?  Not sure, but it may be Michael.  Jax is RUMORED to leave the boys with Kate and this should be when the tragedy occurs. 

Here's the rest of the Scoop!

What we're hearing about Logan!  We told you there is something going on at his apartment between him and Lulu. Is it that Logan walks in while Lulu is searching his apartment?  What is she looking for?  Now RUMORS say that Logan is in a coma and evidence starts piling up against him.  Is he now believed to be the TMK?  The RUMORS go on to say that the TMK goes after another victim before Logan wakes up!  

Different day, same question... Who Hit Sam McCall?  Was it Nikolas, Monica, Carly or Elizabeth? 

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Ric returning to Part Charles with Marianna!  What has him coming back?  It looks like the Kristina crisis has Jerry calling Ric.  We're hearing that Ric's involvement isn't much more than that.  Like we've told you before, its not that long of a crisis, from what's being SPOILED.  The TMK is RUMORED to grab Kristina and Alexis is supposed to get text messages that she must follow to get her daughter returned.  Is the TMK someone Kristina would recognize?

Dr. Drake is no longer the in-house stud at GH.  He's not liking his demotion.  Its not just the satus with the ladies that has Patrick's panties in a bunch.  Its the medicine too.  Dr. Devlin seems to be running laps around Dr. Drake.

Jason claims his family!  That's the latest in the Liason drama.  We've heard that Claudia ZaCrazy makes some threats towards Elizabeth when she learns of the nurse's connection to Morgan.  We've been hearing for awhile now that its ultimately Elizabeth and the boy's safety that has Jason claiming his family.

What is Claudia up to?  We're hearing she's calling a meeting with the Five Families. 


Jerry and Claudia?
  That's a RUMOR out there!  Claudia and Sonny realize they slept with the enemy, literally.  RUMORS have her meeting Jason and he makes it clear he's spoken for.  That does not stop her from taking an interest in Jason though.  Whether or not Sonny is willing for round 2 is not an issue as he shouldn't be available to Claudia at all, he'll be with Kate after her shooting.  Will she settle for Jerry?  I'd love to see Sarah Brown and Sebastain Roche together!

Luke giving Claudia a warning? Nikolas telling Liz he thinks he hit Sam?

There will be a second scoop of spoilers...stay tuned for more!