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How do you feel about Michael having a gun and Morgan being shot?

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I sat last week watching Michael buy a gun to 'protect' his mother from the text message killer and anyone else who crosses the people he cares about.   Unfortunately, I find this storyline to be very disturbing.  Despite the fact that we are seeing more and more kids with guns on the news, I find that this sort of story does not belong on daytime television.   Dylan Cash is an amazing child actor and I am sure will pull it off, but to have the story involve his younger brother Morgan, really disturbs me.   I do not care that there will be a public service announcement at the end, or that we will not actually see Morgan being shot, the fact that its just going to happen sickens me. I question what made Mr. Guza to even think of writing this story in the first place!   I also wonder if Laura Wright (Carly) herself, objected to this story because she having children of her own may find this whole story to hit a nerve as it does me.  While yes Michael's adopted father as I like to call him, is in the mob and his Uncle Jason is the enforcer, I tend to wonder why it was so bad that AJ couldn't raise him? Carly didn't want her son to be around AJ because of his drinking, but yet she found it to be alright to raise her son around the mob?  One would only hope that children services would be involved after this happens but I seriously doubt that Guza & Co. would let that happen.    What do you think of this storyline ?

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