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You Take The Good, You Take The Bad, You Take Them Both....

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and there you have Days Of Our Lives. So good and so strange. And sometimes all in the same episode. These are the things that really stuck out for me.


OH MY GOD!!! Was that really Victor Kiriakis? Could it really be? Was anyone else as shocked as I was to see him? I almost fell out of my bed when I saw Kate, Chelsea and Billie appear in his parlor. I especially loved how he handled the Decker Situation with one phone call. It was just so good to see him. And the line about how he was gone looking for Brady? Not really believable but it was still nice that they tried to explain his absence.


Oh Lucas. Don’t they have razors or electric shavers in jail? That greasy goatee you are sporting is so very Chester the Molester. If I saw you walking down the sidewalk with that on your face I would cross to the other side of the street. Seriously. I find it THAT disturbing.


I tell you I was doubly shocked that Colleen Brady wasn’t dead. Apparently she was a rich fashionista in South America. So rich that she was able to escape Stefano but not smart enough to play Keep Away with Shelle. I’m sorry but I rolled my eyes so hard I felt something snap. It was so anticlimactic. And I was disappointed that Sami and EJ weren’t there. This whole thing started with Sami looking just like Colleen. I think for the sake of closure EJami should have been present to see Colleen is alive. Belle, Shawn, Chloe and Phillip were there. I don’t really get why they were present just like I don’t get why Claire was kidnapped. Stefano has never threatened Belle and Shawn so why did Colleen see fit to kidnap a child that is a Brady in name only? So strange. 

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This was totally the best scene ever!!!

Tony: May you rot in hell.

Stefano: (ghostly inner voice-over) You son of a bitch.

I loved everyone telling Stefano how he screwed them up! It was just damn good soap. I’m just confused though. Is Stefano gone for good? Is he gone for a few weeks until he spontaneously heals and can move again? Then he’ll be back wreaking havoc on the Bradys? I, personally, need a break from Stefano. I like him but I think this would all be more interesting if we could have a few months with that false sense of security. Especially when I hear there is a deadly illness in the works for one of our Bradys. 


One other thing. I LOVE flashbacks. But the ones of Bo and Hope just exemplify the fact that Hope needs to eat a full meal. I will invite her over any Sunday for some good southern cooking to put some meat on those bones of hers.