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All My Children - Complaints and Resurrections

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Good Morning, time to rise and shine, oh, and don’t forget to completely forget the past 4 years. Isn’t this what’s supposed to happen when you get GRAZED by a bullet on the side of your head? It’s NOT??!! Ok, color me shocked. How STUPID to the writers think we, as a collective audience are? I realize that when writing there needs to be some suspension of disbelief, but come on, this is completely unreal. What kind of mental state is the willing suspension of disbelief?  Why do fiction and drama affect our emotions even when we know they are not real? Why is it that people can cry and show great emotion when a fictional character dies, isn't this silly, irrational even, to get upset about something that is not real?

Why are we going to be led to believe that Ryan lost the last 4 years of his life, does not remember his children, wife, and life, but yet focuses on the fact that he loves Kendall, who in this skewed sense of soap opera reality, is married to Zach. I say skewed, because of course Kendall is still guilt-ridden for sleeping with Aidan. As well she should be, as yet again, it was yet another stupid attempt by the writers to make us more involved in a soap that is flushing down the toilet as we speak.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE All My Children. I have been watching it since I was a child, since Erica Kane was a teenager. Does that give me carte blanche to trash this show? Maybe it does, but maybe it doesn’t, all at the same time. I can spend hours, and write numerous diatribes on the failures of this soap, But, I won’t. I will spare you the obvious. You can thank me later.


Now, I am waiting to see how exactly they plan to “resurrect” Jessie Hubbard. Over the years we have seen him in ghostly form, and that tells me that he is actually dead. Are you going to tell me that all that was some figment of my imagination? Or should I just chock it up to suspension of disbelief? Longtime viewers of this show saw Jessie die. When we look at it this way, think of all the characters we can bring back, ones that we KNOW are dead, but, hey, why not just bring them back? We can bring back Trevor and Natalie, Jenny Gardner, Dixie, Gillian, Phoebe, Mona, Grandma Kate, Erin, Simone and Ethan, hell, while we are at it, we can even resurrect Harold the Dog. The writers think viewers will buy any crap we throw at them, Yeah, that is so true, that is why All My Children’s ratings are low, and have been there for quite some time.

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So, are TPTB hedging their bets on once-super couple Angie and Jessie? What obstacles can this dynamic duo possibly have to jump through? They no longer have Angie’s father driving a wedge between them to keep them apart. Their son is supposedly on the mend from his deadly toxin, and Angie is supposedly a world-renown specialist in infectious diseases. And Jessie has been in hiding for YEARS. I don’t get it. Could it be that Jessie loved Angie so much that he gave her up in order to save her life? Or save her from a life on the run?

Also, what did TPTB expect to gain by returning the “real” Greenlee? I was getting used to the fake one. She was warming me over. She had chemistry. I have yet to see any of the old chemistry Rebecca Budig used to have with the cast of All My Children. Maybe when she gets better, and pops out of that bed, we will see the attitude that made Greenlee, well, Greenlee.

Why can’t we return to the good old days? I used to like Nina & Cliff. I liked the family sense the Martin’s brought to the show. Call me Silly, but I did like David Hayward. He was the most mischievous evil doctor we had on the show.

Gone are the days my friends would call me up and say “did you see what happened on the show this week”? Nobody calls now, because nobody cares. Nobody watches. Some days I think it is just me and Tivo. Where are the long-time viewers like myself?

It has just occurred to me that I spent this whole blog complaining about what is wrong with the show, in my opinion, of course. Do my opinions match yours? Do you disagree? Please feel free to PM me, or leave me a comment. I will include comments in my next blog, and we can debate it from there. Actually,, What do you think is going RIGHT for All My Children?