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Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers 2.05.08 - the View from Denial Island

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G’day Days fans, welcome to the spoilers for this week, all flavoured with what I like to call, the view from Denial Island.  I must apologise, these were ready to go in time for Monday's show and then my internet crashed... dontcha just love technology??

First off, one of our other DC blogger’s posted her thoughts on the 'tache Lucas has begun sporting this past week… can I just say that I totally agreed but that I also thought it looked reminiscent of the cheesy porn stars from the 70s & 80s?  Maybe he’s looking to attract a certain type in jail?

For those who don’t partake in the soap mags, apparently the Shawn and Belle exit story was recently revealed.  According to Ed Scott, this will involve the pair going on an “extended cruise” and that they will “return someday in the future” – maybe in April after it’s announced that Days has been cancelled. Disclaimer: this is just my opinion on the future of Days Of Our Lives and in no way reflects the content of the actual announcement expected in March.

So on Monday’s episode, we all saw John backhand Marlena into the door, hands up who thought it was cheesy Days acting at its best? Good cheese, mind you, but still cheese!  What happens next? Well, once John has Colleen on her own, we have it confirmed that Colleen is indeed John’s target, and his mission is to kill her.  Unfortunately for John, Colleen has a few more secrets of her own, choosing that moment to reveal that she is his mother (bringing to mind that memorable scene from Star Wars… “John, I am your mothaaaarrrr”).  Colleen will reveal to John why she didn’t raise him, and his connection to the Alamein’s.  For a DiMera drone who supposedly has no emotions, John becomes conflicted with this news – the double whammy comes when he learns that Colleen sick and dying (funnily enough, this also happens this week).  He and ‘little Shawneee’ are at Colleen’s side when she passes.  Colour me annoyed that Sami and EJ are not in Ireland throughout this whole storyline.

So what are the rest of the Salemites up to?

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Payla/Bope:Kayla will learn that she’s pregnant.  Side note – are they doing away with Lexie’s medical integrity already by having her reveal Kayla’s pregnancy to EJ before she tells Kayla?  Privacy laws… hello??  Over in Ireland, Steve recognizes a face from his past outside the Inn… it’s Tamara Braun’s character Ava.  Unfortunately TB fans, I’m reading her tenure on DOOL will be a short one, so enjoy it while it lasts.  Kayla and Steve reveal to Bo that he is sick and that he needs to tell Hope – which he wont.  I’m reading that it’s not cancer, although that’s what it might look like.

EJ, Sami and Lucas: Their main scenes were on Monday this week, so if you missed it... straight to youtube for you!

Shelle/Phloe: We continue along the path towards the exit of Shelle – it’s kinda obvious now, with Shawn and Belle beginning a reconciliation this week, and Chloe and Philip having more scenes together.  Philip raised an interesting point on Monday, asking Chloe if she’ll stay with Brady if he’s found… hmm… is Brady coming back or is Brady coming back? Ooh, has anyone heard the rumour about Arianne Zuker returning to Days to reprise her role as Nicole Walker?  This is to be confirmed…

Sorority: and the latest veteran’s wh have been sucked into this storyline include Roman and VictorFord’s autopsy report comes back this week, revealing... ta dah! he did actually die from falling down the stairs (is it just me, or has Ford had more airtime since being dead, than when he was alive?).  Crawford once again claims he wont press charges, but we’ve all heard that one before, haven’t we kids?  Victor hands Billie her reason for leaving the soap – a job at Titan's offices in London as Head of Security – maybe she can go hang out with the Deveraux’s?  Looks like there’s a birthday coming up soon too – Max’s.  The gang is going to plan a party for the hunky Brady.

Coming Up Next Week:

  • Sami watches Lucas' goodbye DVD (can he just leave already?)
  • Trouble in the plane for the Salemite's returning from Ireland
  • Max and Stephanie discuss their relationship
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