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General Hospital-Perkie's Observations-feb 5/08

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I hate when they try to make Sonny all Mr Tough Guy. He just doesn’t pull it off and he looks completely silly and incompetent. If he truly killed everyone that he told he would, there’d be no one left in this town. And then, despite having witness Lulu standing right there, he takes the easy (read coward) way out and smacks Johnny with his gun. I so wish Lulu would have gone to the police and reported him. Would have served the little greasy mobster.

Memo to Lulu: Stop kissing people who aren’t your boyfriend or dump Logan already.

Sonny/AZ: I love how crazy Anthony always gets the upper hand with Sonny and again, Sonny just looks ineffectual. You know you’re in trouble when you’re being bested by a paralized, hospitalized, crazy guy.

I’m not a fan of new Marianna. I was beginning to like old Marianna and now the chemistry between New and Ric just doesn’t seem right anymore. Although Ric after a week away was a sight for sore eyes!!

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When Logan first walked up to Lulu on the docks, my first thought is that he wasn’t limping or showing any signs of pain, which meant he couldn’t be the guy who just attacked Sam. But then, of course, he suddenly keels over and now were supposed to believe that he is the TMK. I refuse to believe.

Maxie/Spinelli: Good scenes between them again. I liked when Spinelli hugged her. But I did wonder why they were able to access Coop’s room. Wouldn’t it still be considered a crime scene? And everything they found in there, the pill, the dog tags, wouldn’t the police have found them in their search? And, Maxie’s standing there saying she doesn’t recognize the pill, here’s a crazy thought, maybe the Jackal can google it on his trusty one keyed laptop.

CarJax: I should be happy that Jax is finally getting a baby, but it’s with Carly, so that kind of takes away from the happiness.

Scrubs/Dr McSmarmy: Ok, so they’ve replaced Scrubs annoying fighting dialogue to now include Dr Annoying? Great.