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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.05.08

Here's the Scoop!

We've mentioned the heart healthy campaign and that a nurse will suffer a heart attack.  We're hearing it's Epiphany who will have the heart attack.  

Emily encourages Nikolas to get treatment for his tumor.  He'll continue to refuse at the risk of losing her.  RUMORS have had Nikolas and Nadine being tested and now we're hearing TPTB are optimistic with this pairing. 

Speaking of Nikolas...did he hit Sam?  He'll tell Elizabeth he thinks he may have.  Was it Monica?  We're hearing it was and that Elizabeth was the one tto hit the TMK.  Have no fear, Jason is on the case!  He'll be investigating Sam's accident and Spinelli will be his side kick once again.  The Jackal finds out that a few people had accidents the night Sam was hit.  Jason will be a witness to Tracey accussing Monica of malpractice and hitting the sauce a little too much lately.  RUMORS say Jason confronts Monica who never actually answers his question.  Jason also finds blood on the bumper of Elizabeth's car but he won't let her come forward until they know for sure what or who she hit.  Jason also knows that Carly is hiding something from him.  Is it that she hit Sam? 

This whole hit and run storyline is said to serve one purpose... to tell us who the TMK is.  RUMORS have both Liz and Nikolas re-living the night and the TMK's identity being "outed" through their dreams.  IF Elizabeth is the one that hit the TMK, she'll be figuring it out by re-living the night of the hit and run.  Nikolas may be solving Emily's murder by re-living what happened in the ballroom.  Is it really only serving one purpose?  Most likely, not.  We're hearing that this could also be what outs Jason and Elizabeth's relationship.  Although Elizabeth is consumed with guilt over the possibility that she hit Sam, she's afraid if she comes forward, she'll have to say why she was on that road. 

Does Lucky still not believe Sam's story?  RUMORS say he's still not believing she was being chased by the TMK at the time of the hit and run. 

When the news forst broke of Sarah Brown's return and the character of Claudia Zacchara, she was to have a past with Ric.  We're still hearing that's the story they're going with.  Will it turn into more for Ric and Claudia?  Not sure.  Remember Marianna and Ric are to have a love story of sorts but Marianna wasn't supposed to be around for long.  Has the recast changed that?  It's possible.  RUMORS say that Yennifer has impressed some people and the official comment for the recast is that they have changed the storyline direction for the character.  Marianna does tell Trevor she wants out of their deal after she develops true feelings for Ric.  Will crossing Trevor cost Marianna her life?

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A warning from Claudia to Jason?  RUMORS say she'll tell Jason that if anything happens to her brother, she'll go after Carly, Elizabeth and their kids.  Jason warns Sonny to back off Johnny.  As long as he does, their children are safe.

Jerry wants to move in?  With Alexis?  He'll tell her its for her safety.  Really it's because Ian knows Jerry cares about Alexis.  While I am still hearing JLex is the plan, Alexis is not looking for a roomie.  Jerry is RUMORED to show up with a sleeping bag. How close are Jerry and Alexis getting though?  RUMORS say Alexis will tell Jerry about Sam's birth. 


Alexis turning on the sprinklers?

Is Diego back in Port Charles?  We're hearing RUMORS that he is in fact onset.  What about his dad?  RUMORS say that both Ted King and Ignaccio Serricho are back, briefly.  Here's what we're hearing...  two scenarios are out there regarding this.  One is that Lorenzo is the TMK and that Ignaccio is on set to film a scene as a flashback.  The other is that Diego is the actual killer and Georgie's death played out as Cooper said.  Cooper saw Georgie in the park, she was scared, scratched him and ran off.  The RUMORS go on to say that Georgie sees Diego on the steps with a phone and a mask in his hands. 

Will Lulu stay with Logan?  Out of guilt?  These RUMORS go with the theory that Logan is not the TMK.  After what goes down at Logan's apartment, he's believed to be the killer but he's RUMORED to be in a coma.  The TMK is said to strike again while Logan is out cold making it impossible for Logan to be the TMK.  Logan's injuries leave him with some problems and although Lulu wants to be with Johnny, she'll feel obligated to be by Logan's side. 

MY THOUGHTS...on Sam's hit and run.  Sam hit the windshield of the car that hit her.  Wouldn't that shatter or at least crack the windshield?  Elizabeth is said to have blood on her bumper.  We saw Nikolas' car after the accident and Carly seems to have driven her's home.  Monica is the only one claiming her car has been stolen.