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All My Children: What Are They Thinking?

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(Don't all three actors look great?)

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Everyone knows I'm a big fan of All My Children's Rebecca Budig and her portrayal of Greenlee. That having been said, I'm a bit concerned about what appears to be a snail's paced race towards a Greenlee and Zach. These two just don't make sense to me. These two have been in each other's orbit for years but not once have I ever remotely considered them as a romantic pairing based on their interaction or storylines. Even being trapped in the hole for weeks and weeks doesn't seem like a rational reason for a romantic pairing, at least not to me.

Anyone who has listened to the podcast knows that when it comes to the Zendall pairing I've been disenchanted with them for sometime. I've went so far as to say they are over and done with, or should be. I think I'm about to eat those words.  All of a sudden, after seeing Ryan lose the past four years of his memory and is now still in love with Kendall, after watching Aidan sleep with Kendall, and observing the apparent Greenlee and Zach "connection", all I can think is that I want Zendall back together, ASAP. Even if they aren't what they used to be.

I just can't seem to get past the fact that as much as Zendall has been ruined for me I would rather have them together than Zach and Greenlee, without question. So where does this leave Greenlee? Where does this leave Aidan? Where does this leave Ryan? Where does this leave Zach and where does this leave Kendall? This is my question to you.

What do you think should happen to Ryan, Greenlee, Zach, Kendall, & Aidan?