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General Hospital: A Second Scoop of Spoilers 02.06.08

Another Second Scoop!  With Pictures!

More Claudia and Jason?  We told you about a game of pool on Valentine's Day.  Now we're hearing they'll be picking up the sticks again.  RUMORS say Jason goes looking for Claudia, he's all about a truce with the Zacchara's.  Especially now that Claudia has made threats against Elizabeth.  How does Claudia find out about Elizabeth?  RUMORS say Trevor tips her off and Claudia herself may hear Elizabeth call Jason Jake's father.  She should be talking to her new BFF Robin when Claudia hears.  Jason is aware that Claudia knows about his family, she's made threats.  Does he know how she found out? 

Speaking of Claudia... she left home at 16, where has she been?  We're hearing RUMORS that Claudia went to live with an uncle and that's where she learned the family business.

Marianna doesn't want to play Trevor's games anymore.  We told you that yesterday.  Trevor, however, isn't interested in what Marianna wants.  He wants her to steal the deed to the piers from Ric and give them to him.  


Patrick is Logan's doctor. Lulu is worried she really hurt him.  We told you he tries to hurt Lu when he finds her snooping in his apartment.  We also told you he's knocked out.  Does Lulu channel her inner-Spencer or is it Johnny to the rescue?  It looks like Lulu knocks Logan in the head and he's out for the count.  RUMORS say he's in a coma. 

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Still hearing that Trevor dies and ZaCrazy may not be around much longer either.  Is Anthony dying too?  There were RUMORS that he is.  Now we're hearing that Anthony may not be killed, TPTB may want to bring him back as needed. 


Patrick and Sam in an embrace?  Sam's doctor may be comforting her as she relives the night of her accident.

Who's missing?

Visions for Emily? Can a hallucination have visions?  Emily is RUMORED to re-live her own death in hopes of helping Nikolas solve her murder. 

Claudia declares war on the Corinthos Organization.  Does she do it with a dead body?

Luke at Kelly's?  As an employee?  Is that where he goes when Sonny doesn't give him a job?

Jerry warns Ian?  He's RUMORED to tell Dr.Devlin that Dr. Scorpio is more trouble than she's worth.  Jerry tells Ian that Robin is too connected in Port Charles.  Not only is her Uncle the Police Commissioner, but she's also important to Corinthos/Morgan.