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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Feb 6,08

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After months of being annoyed with Pig Trevor, can I just say that I’m absolutely thrilled that someone has come along to hand him his butt on a silver platter. And the fact that it’s a woman is even better. I was never a fan of SBr’s Carly, mostly because I hated the character of Carly, but SBr’s Claudia, I’m loving. I love that she’s not taking guff from Trevor. I love that she’s put him in his place several times. I love the cute little grin on Johnny’s face as he watches her kick Trevor’s butt. I love that Trevor seems to be a teeny bit skeered of her, or at least, knows that he’s met his match and can’t lead her around by the nose like he’s been doing with Johnny. And is it just a coincidence that Claudia comes home and all of a sudden, the house is much lighter and brighter than it’s been.

Line of the day:

Claudia to Trevor: “WE are not going to work together. YOU are going to work for me. Is that clear?”

Ric/Marianna: I’m really not liking this story. From the fact that they’ve already slept together to the fact that they didn’t know each other’s names, to the fact that she’s working an agenda, to the fact that he seems so besotted with her already that he would buy her a coat. All of it is not making me happy. Mostly because I don’t like Ric getting played and mostly because she just does not seem to be his type to the fact that we have a newbie in a newbie role. Ugh.

Logan/Lulu: Eh, I’m not sure how I feel about these two. Every couple has to have its ups and downs, but these two have more than their fair share. Now, he’s declaring that he loves her and she seems ok with it, even though she was kissing Johnny on the docks “yesterday”.

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Tracy/Monica: I like that Tracy’s dogging Monica’s every step, so much so that she’s rattling Monica’s cage. And I like that she’s playing hard to get with Luke and making him work to get back into his good graces.

Did I miss something? Did the police officer tell Monica she could pick up her car at the station later on? On a night when there’s been a hit and run and a stolen vehicle, shouldn’t the police be hanging onto that car and checking it out thoroughly, to make sure it wasn’t the car in question?

I don’t understand why Liz suddenly thinks she might have hit Sam. Sam smashed into the windshield which explains all her facial cuts, so if Liz’s car windshield is still intact, wouldn’t that automatically eliminate her as a suspect? And what happened to Nikolas’ car in all of this?