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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.06.08

Here's the Scoop!

Not much to report on today.  Hopefully more will come our way later today!

More Diane and Alexis!  Will Alexis confide in her new BFF that she has feelings for Jerry Jacks? 

Michael and his gun....We're hearing that Dad finally steps in and has a talk with his son.  Sonny, Carly and Jason are RUMORED to discuss Michael.  Does Jason think Michael needs to be back in therapy?  With the RUMORS of Kate being shot, will Michael be in any legal trouble or will Sonny cover for his son?

Robin will be sharing her good news with her family.  RUMORS say she may even be making a few phone calls to her mom and Brenda.  Patrick's antics make Robin believe she is doing the right thing by not telling him the truth.  

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Elizabeth's dreams... are all part of the storyline.  We're hearing her dreams lead us to the killer.  Jason will question Sam about the night she was hit.  She'll tell him the TMK was chasing her.  Jason already believes that Cooper was innocent.  Will he think Logan is the killer?  

All the signs are now pointing in Logan's direction but is he another red herring?  Spinelli and Lulu are RUMORED to argue when Spinelli tells the Blonde One he thinks the killer is Logan.  This should be when Lulu searches Logan's apartment and gets Logan

Back to Elizabeth's dreams... how can she identify the TMK if his mask was still on when she hit him?  Remember the OLD RUMORS that there are two killers?  What about the Super Fan of Sam's that's been RUMORED to pose as the killer?   We've been hearing that Sam's Super Fan is Daniel, the bussboy from Kelly's.  Why was Spinelli afraid of Daniel?

Now that Luke's back....what's going to happen?  Well RUMORS say Tracey has had enough with her hubby and she files for divorce.  Luke says N-O to the divorce and blackmails Tracey.  The RUMORS go on to say that Luke tells Tracey that he'll admit they tampered with Alan's will if she goes through with the divorce. Don't forget, Luke may be going back to his mob ways. Can Luke and Tracey prove it was Monica that hit Sam?


Will Patrick be at Robin's first ultrasound?

First RUMORED to be arrested when Sam labels Elizabeth as the driver of the car that hit her... will Monica come forward and admit it could have been her?