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One Life to Live: Go Red! Ball

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One Life to Live is going all out for sweeps with the Go Red for Women Ball hosted by Viki and Dorian. So, let's check out some early pictures from the ball!


Todd and Blair look great for the ball, and that's a good thing since there seems to be a lull in the spoilers for them. Considering they just came off a huge story, I guess that is a good thing. Rumors have Todd dealing with Gigi, Ramsey and the fallout from Texas. Blair may be getting a backstory about her father after all these years which should be interesting!

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Bo and Lindsey on the other hand have their story heating up. They look like they are having a lot of fun here, but by the end of the ball will things be so happy? Rumor has it that Lindsey, or someone who writes it for her, submits her secret about faking her breakdown to the "Get it off you Chest" box. Nora is desprate to get into the box to find Lindsey's secret but will she find Bo's instead? Rumor has it that Bo's secret is that he still loves Nora. Also, will Bo find himself on the unemployment line by the end of the ball? What else gets put into the box?