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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Feb 7,08

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Clearly LW pissed off someone in the wardrobe department because there is no other explanation for that horrifyingly horrible brown, shapeless potato sack Carly was wearing today. Yikes it was bad.

And speaking of Carly, were on day two of her pregnancy and already I’m tired of the fear of problems speeches she and Jax are having. I’m guessing it’s serious foreshadowing and baby CarJax will not make it to term.

Luke/Tracy: First off, not only is Tracy’s hair beautiful, but they are now dressing her in really sharp clothes as well. Impressive. I do feel bad for her though and I wish Luke would have told her that he wasn’t off with other women while he was gone. I was worried she would give in to him when they started kissing, but I was glad she held her ground. The Almighty Luke needs to realize his wife is a saint for putting up with him and he needs to seriously grovel at her feet.

Lulu/Logan: I was of two minds here. First off, Logan clearly wanted more than Lulu was willing to give, which is a very bad habit of his. But at the same time Lulu has been giving mixed signals for weeks now. Not that giving mixed signals makes it ok to force yourself on someone, but I also think she blew things out of proportion. Considering that Logan, months ago, grabbed her and forced a kiss on her which only made her pursue him even harder, I find it hard to believe that Logan, now, trying to get to second base after spending several hours sitting nicely on the couch together, talking about his feelings for her, would send her running, screaming from the house. I just feel like she overreacted which was more for plot point #1; Scotty telling Logan about the L&L rape and plot point #2, Lulu running into Johnny and his sad piano playing.

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And is it weird to anyone else that Scotty and Logan are sitting in someone else’s house (when they’re not home) having this conversation?

Lucky/Sam: Come on Lucky, why would she lie at this point? I’m not a fan of Sam’s but even if I hadn’t seen the events unfold as she said they did, I’d believe it. No one makes up something that far fetched. And, asking her where her cell phone is was kind of lame, considering she was left on the road after being hit by a car.

Sonny/Jason: So glad Jason blew him off. Hee, hee. Hey Sonny, maybe if you didn’t run off to have a tantrum when your girlfriend broke up with you, you’d get more work done and be up to speed on things.

Sonny/Michael: Kudos to Dylan Cash for that scene. He’s really working the annoyed preteen thing lately and doing a bang up job. Sonny clearly didn’t know what to do. Eh, you reap what you sow.

Line of the day:

Sonny: “Don’t worry, Jason and I are on it”

Michael: “I guess that’s why Emily and Leticia are dead”