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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.07.08

It's late, I know... but there has been nothing to report on all day!  I still have next to nothing to give you but here's a few scoops!

Patrick gives Robin flowers on Valentine's Day.  RUMORS had them being pink and Patrick telling Robin he hopes she's having a girl.  Whether that happens or not, the love these two have for each other is apparent during their scene.  

Dr. Devlin has some words for his colleagues.  He's not happy that Robin and Patrick refuse to sedate Nikolas.  Sorry Dr. Evil, friends don't usually like to drug eachother.  But then again you are friends with Jerry....  Patrick starts to notice some changes in his old med school pal. 

Robin's fears?  If Patrick never learns the truth, who will take care of her child should something happen to her?  

I just realized this is turning into an all Scrubs Edition of the Scoops and Spoilers!  How about someone/something else?

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Claudia and Sonny both want Ric's piers.  Will his brother get them or the girl from his past?  RUMORS have a different Ric soon.  Look for a change in appearance and attitude. 

Dr Leo!  Yay!  Hate his hair, love him! He'll be taking Epiphany into surgery.

Where's Michael?  First there is the controversial storyline involving kids and guns, now we're hearing the mini-mobster is missing.

Lucky knows Jason is hiding something!  Detective Spencer is finally getting a clue!  Lucky thinks Jason knows more about the night of the hit and run.