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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.08.08

Here's the Scoop!

Add a new one to your Spinelli Dictionary....Claudia = Vixenella!  Spinelli is at Jake's with Jason when he first meets Claudia.

Jason and Elizabeth spend Valentine's Day together at the Safe House.  Remember, Jason is at Jake's and engaged in a pool game and some light flirting (as much as Jason Morgan can flirt) with Claudia.  Neither knows who the other is and Jason is RUMORED to leave without telling Claudia his name.  Any old fans of Jason and Sarah Brown's Carly?  We're hearing a slight nod to their history is given with Steve and Sarah themselves changing it up a bit.  Another nod to history?  For Liason fans, yes!  RUMORS say Elizabeth and Jason's Valentine's Day will also have a little mention of their past. 

We posted some pics of Maxie and Spinelli in dress up... obviously its another dream sequence for the Jackal.  Bradford Anderson recorded Funny Valentine for the ABC CDLove Affair, and his song is playing during those scenes.   What brings on the dream?  Maxie is RUMORED to declare herself done with men on Valentine's Day.

RUMORS say Patrick will be with Robin when she has her first ultrasound.  We told you that already, but now the RUMORS say its Patrick performing the ultrasound.  Why is a brain surgeon acting as an OB/GYN?  Good question!  The RUMORS go on to say that Robin has another fainting spell in the ER and Patrick is there to catch her.  He'll take her to be examined but Dr. Lee is busy so he performs the ultrasound himself.  

More on Scrubs... Patrick and Leyla in a lip lock and Robin sees?!  RUMORS say Leyla grabs Patrick for a smooch and Robin will see them but she'll walk away before she sees Patrick push Leyla off of him. 

Here's a twist!  RUMORS had Elizabeth being arrested and Lucky getting custody.  Then those RUMORS were shot down and the custody battle had been scrapped.  NOW we're hearing that Elizabeth is arrested but Lucky is RUMORED to be working on proving that Elizabeth didn't do it.  The RUMORS also say that Jason hears about Elizabeth's arrest on the news and he'll call Diane to go get her out.  Has Lucky already taken care of getting Elizabeth bail?  It looks like Lucky calls Nikolas to post bail for her. 

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WAIT!  Remember the RUMORS that Liz and Jason are outed during sweeps?  Could it be that Elizabeth is arrested at the Safe House with Jason?  That's another RUMOR out there. 

LuSam fans... here's a bit for you!  Lucky will continue to hide his true feelings for Sam.  The pair will not be reunited anytime soon but they will share scenes as Lucky tries to find out who hit Sam. 


Jerry, injured?

Trouble with Baby?  Of course its GH!  RUMORS have had Carly losing the baby, now we're hearing that Carly may be hiding something from Jax.  Dr. Lee may have told Carly that carrying the baby to term could have a dire outcome for mommy.  Is that why she was so upset the night of the hit and run?

Robin on bedrest?