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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Feb 8,08

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Memo to Mike:  you are the worst grandfather in the history of grandfathers.  He catches Micheal buying bullets, so he asks Michael if he's got a gun, Mickey says no and Mike leaves it at that.  Gee Mike, do you really think the kid bought some bullets to make himself a necklace or something. 

Carly/Claudia:  Interesting meeting, but I was really hoping Claudia would see Sonny then and have Carly tell her who he is, so that she'd walk into the meeting prepared.  Now she'll be thrown off at the meeting instead of having the upper hand. 

Why did Maxie have to involve Robin in the drug thingy?  All she needed was to have Spinelli google it.  And does Maxie know that cousin Robin is pregnant, because I'd like to see that scene.  I think Maxie needs some good news right about now.

Liz/Jason:  I was glad that Liz was shocked that Jason wanted to cover up the accident.  She's realized she might have done something horrible and is ready to own up to it.  Interesting that Spinelli was able to find out everyone else' car is in the shop, but it begs the question, what did Liz do with her car?  Is it being repaired or is Jason hiding it?

Sam, Sam, Sam, I was on your side yesterday, today, not so much.  For once, I would like her to own up to the Jakenapping and not give any excuses.  "Yes I did it and it was a terrible thing to do" and not end that with "but I was in a bad place", or "I was out of my mind".  Just suck it up, own it and then maybe people can move on.

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Loved the Diane/Alexis friendship again today.  Diane saying she needs a walk in the park and Alexis asking for booze and Diane mentioning that they'll likely pass a bar.  Also loved the look of disdain that Diane shot Jerry. 

Johnny/Lulu:  Ugh.  He deserves better.

Ric/Marianna:  Why?  Why am I being tortured with this horrible woman. Run Ric, run far away.

Claudia/Sonny and the other families;  let the games begin!!!