Writer's Strike Update: Nikki Finke Reports that Days of Our Lives Writing Team May Be Getting Jobs Back?


This just in! Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily fame is reporting the following from the WGA meeting today in New York.

"Melissa Salmons said, 'For years, I have lived in fear of that DVD formula, that it would be with me for my life. Now we have a deal that have movement in it.' (Later on, she told a daytime writer that the staff of Days of Our Lives, who had all been fired last week, were getting their jobs back. And that a striking writer, if fired, had to be replaced by a striking writer. Not a scab, and not a fi-core member."

So what does this mean? To be honest I'm not sure. As I understand it (and I could be wrong) TV networks and shows such as Days of Our Lives can't fire striking writers during the course of a strike without suffering the consequences. Obviously only time will tell what those consequences may be.