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All Soaps: Best & Worst of Writers Strike

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Since the Writers Strike is unofficially, officially over I thought it might be fun to reflect about what we all consider to be the Best & Worst of the Writers Strike for our favorite soaps. What are the things that were better during the Writers Strike and what are the things that were worse during the Writers Strike.

Here is my list.


1. Spreading the acting wealth around at General Hospital. We've seen a lot more people than we are accustomed to.

2. One Life to Live staying the awesome soap it was thanks to Ron's soap bible.

3. Debbie Morgan, Darnell Williams, and Rebecca Budig returning to daytime.

4. Slight improvements over at Young & Restless.

5. Guiding Light reportedly having the foresight of having scripts through February.

6. General Hospital proving that ratings can go up without Guza at the helm.

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1. Days of Our Lives behind the scenes saga.

2. Sloppy dialogue at several soaps.

3. Choppy editing at General Hospital. Some days you'd tune in and think you missed a day and hadn't.

4. The Head Writers of All My Children accepting Fi-Core. Why couldn't we had a break from them?

5. The possibility that the Scrubs pregnancy storyline wouldn't be told right on General Hospital.

6. As the World Turns not using the strike as an opportunity to bring Luke & Noah more front and center on the show.

What is on your list of Best & Worst?