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Days of Our Lives: Look! Up In the Sky! Spoilers 2.11.08

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G’day Days fans, welcome to the view from Denial Island – reporting this week’s major storylines to watch out for on Days of Our Lives.

Ireland Tour Group (Bope, Jarlena, Shelle, Payla, Phloe, Grandpa Shawn and Claire)
Tour Ireland comes to a close, with the Salemites all boarding John’s jet homeward bound. There’s an awful lot of Brady’s on this plane… Before they take off, Patch notices something through the window, is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the mysterious woman he saw last week – Tamara Braun’s character… poor Patch, he looks very unsettled by this, and runs out to investigate. Unluckily for him, he has no further luck in finding the mystery woman, and returns to the plane that is now ready for takeoff. A few minutes in, we get an inkling of the drama the show is centering around this week – plane trouble. This trouble is going to result in the plane crashing, and the death of one of our favourite veterans (look away now if you don’t want it spoiled) – Grandpa Shawn. Before this happens, Grandpa Shawn and Bo argue over who should have the last functioning oxygen mask as the plane loses altitude; Bo puts up a pretty heroic argument, revealing his illness as his reason, but when he loses consciousness, Grandpa Shawn says his goodbyes to everyone and puts the mask on Bo.

EJ, Samantha and Lucas
Lucas says his goodbyes for the 6th straight week in a row, this time giving Sami a DVD to play to Allie for each of her birthdays that he’s going to miss. Sami gets all teary (again) and says she’ll always love him, yada yada yada. Just leave already will ya Lucas? I want my EJami! Sami wont be able to wait, she’ll watch the DVD later in the week. At the safehouse (I beg to differ at calling it that, they’ve had every man and his dog come visit them at this so called “safehouse”), EJ is having… well, I'll call it fun trying to settle the twins – they’re not liking that plan so much (this is GOLD viewing – watch out for the vomit on EJ’s shirt). In comes Auntie Anna to the rescue, but she finds Uncle Tony already there (does anyone else think that the Tony/Anna stuff just seems to pop up randomly?). Abe makes a visit later in the week to share the (good/bad) news that EJ and Samantha can now leave the “safehouse.” But instead of continuing their co-habitation back in Salem, Samantha returns to Apt 32 with the twins, and EJ is left in his apartment across the hall alone… and is not too happy.

Kate continues her crusade to rescue her baby boy Wucas (sorry, couldn't help myself :D), pleading with Roman to have her son’s sentence remanded. See, this is how you know Lucas isn’t guilty of EJ’s shooting – noone guilty of a crime in Salem ever goes to jail. Well, alright, there was Patrick Lockhart - but he's not a core character, so he doesn't count.

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Victor and Caroline – a love rekindled?
Victor and Caroline rehash old wounds this week, relaying the story of how Bo came to be Victor’s son and not Grandpa Shawn’s. This comes from an inquisitive Chelsea, but methinks that tptb are gearing up Victor to be Caroline’s shoulder to lean on during the upcoming s/l involving Grandpa Shawn.

After Steph’s birthday kiss to Max, it seems there’s some mis-communication going on in terms of their budding relationship. She wants more, Max wants… to move a bit slower. Could it be over before it (re)begins?

Coming Up Next Week:
* The aftermath of Grandpa Shawn’s death
* Chloe and Philip to nearly bump uglies?
* Tony wants to bump uglies with Anna, but she's not having a bar of it

Interesting News:
Patsy Pease is coming back to Salem. Patsy is reprising her role as Kimberley Brady… do we dare hope that Shane may be back soon too? Patsy's first air date is February 27th.

Side Note
Are there any remaining Days actors who haven't been rumoured to be returning to the show??