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Days Of Our Lives: To Be Or Not To Be

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Salem, the place to be, or not to be? That is the question. So much activity going on in Salem lately. So much change, story development, star firings, ratings jump and best of all rumour. We all love a good rumour mill and with this either brings excitement among fans or total disappointment of what’s about to supposedly hit our screens. It is fair to say that Days of our Lives has changed and made news with some very highly publicised firings, some welcomed, some not or some totally staged simply and purely for the viewing pleasure of audiences. John Black for example, he’s been around for ages and when I first heard he was making way and packing his bags I felt a little overwhelmed with confusion. How could they let someone of his calibre leave or be replaced? Luckily for us it was staged, John died in dramatic circumstances then was suddenly resurrected a few weeks later in true Days fashion. As Thom Racina mentioned in his interview with Luke and Belinda, a storyline such as this is a cop out and can be used time and time again because writers struggle to take the risk and try something new. Bringing someone back from the dead over and over is pure soap cheese, but there comes a time when taking such a commonly used road falls short with the audience. I listened to Thom’s interview and could relate, as a writer, with many points. I will agree in saying that now is the time for writers, whether they’re in limbo over striking or current soap writers should be allowed to have total writing freedom – without the meddling from the powers that be. We have all seen the ratings and know how bad all of our soaps need a total makeover. Has Days done something about this you think? Possibly. We are about to see or have already witnessed the following. Some even whispered rumours:

* John Black’s return

* Colleen Brady’s death

* A plane crash

* Grandpa Shawn Brady’s death

* Kimberly Brady’s return

* Marlena’s major character development

* Tony & Anna’s return

* Billie and Adrienne’s departure

* Lucas’ farewell

* Kayla pregnant

* Bo’s illness

….and so on and so on. This to me means one thing. This is a soap that is doing everything to revive Days. Yes, they may have sacked a whole team of writers, but reports rumoured today saying they will all be re-instated. Could this all be a ploy for fans and audiences to tune in? I am extremely, positively, over the moon at hearing that Patsy Pease may resume her role as Kimberly. Kim was a favourite of mine back in the day. Alongside Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) they created Days magic. Some of their most pivotal moments on the show coming when Days shot scenes on location back in the mid 80’s as well as a storyline which involved sinister Victor Kiriakis. Here’s a clip from 1986. Kimberly had slept with Victor in order to save Shane’s life. She became pregnant, but it was unclear who the baby’s father was. Kim headed to the women’s clinic for an abortion but suffered as a result, as she was in a serious car accident on the way and landed herself in hospital.

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Victor Kiriakis could be headed for his next major storyline. Rumours are circulating that Grandpa Shawn Brady will die. It’s unclear whether he will die as a result of the plane crash or of a broken heart after the death of his sister Colleen. Step up Caroline Brady. The woman who has a history with Victor could very well seek solace in the arms of the man who fathered her child, Bo. This is what a true soap should be like at it’s best. Victor has always indicated to Caroline that he holds a flame for her. They share a child. If Shawn does get killed off, where would this leave the very vulnerable Caroline? The Brady Pub would become such a real burden to run, maybe she should revert back to what she knows how to sell best, Fish. I’d love to see Caroline open up her old fish market again. The fish market was burnt down by fire and the Brady’s devastated, how fitting if Caroline could re-establish a part of her history with Shawn and tempt fate by toying with Victor once again. When Bo was kidnapped in 1992, Caroline visited Victor in hope he could assist in finding their son.

Shock value goes a long way and we all know Days has the potential to do it. With so many twists and turns in current US episodes, Australia is languishing behind, 9 months to be exact. Fans in Aussieland have had to endure days of endless sport which has pre-empted Days on local networks. Thus pushing us further behind the US. In current episodes Down Under, Belle and Shawn together with Claire are marooned on an island seeking assistance and gaining kind hospitality from a woman and her father. Philip is on the hunt for them, while Willow continues to annoy the living hell out of everyone including myself. I wish she would die already. Someone seriously needs to pop her off quick smart. EJ is haunting Sami by telling her that she is pregnant with his child. Sami refuses to believe this and continues to hide the truth from Lucas. John Black lays in a coma in hospital after his shooting showdown with EJ, while Marlena and Kayla are on the hunt for Steve as he has escaped from the loony asylum that has had him locked up. I am not enjoying this storyline at all. A waste of character and a total waste of time to develop these historic super couples. The only thing to look forward to here is the return of Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis. Chelsea and Billie have collided, as Billie breaks the news to Chelsea about sleeping with Nick. Not much happening as far as I’m concerned in Australia, looks like all the action is in the US. The highlight for me was a recent car trip I took, where I was able to listen to Thom Racina’s entire interview. I think his outlook and opinions are well thought. Unbelievable that he was behind the success of Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope, Steve Johnson and John Black. He has etched his name into Days of our Lives history. Thom couldn’t come up with a highlight from the wedding of Bo and Hope though, but I was quick off the mark in turning back the clock and pinpointed my favourite Bo and Hope moment.