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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.10.08

Here's the Scoop!

Lucky doesn't believe Sam... but he will.  After doubting her, Lucky will believe Sam's story that she was being chased.  Does he think it's the TMK?

Elizabeth is arrested.  Most likely at GH but there are RUMORS that she may be arrested at the Safe House.  Jason has her bailed out.  Sam truly believes Elizabeth hit her.  Do the police think Elizabeth is hiding something?  They do when they find out she had blood on her bumper and washed it off.

Nikolas remembers but is it too late?  We're hearing he has a seizure and becomes comatose before he can tell anyone that he was the one that hit Sam.  Does he also remember who killed Emily?  RUMORS say Nikolas will relive his fiance's death but will he be able to identify her killer?

Trevor sticking around?  Early RUMORS had Trevor dying at the end of sweeps.  Now we're hearing that Ric's dad may be staying in town.  What about Marianna?  She was also RUMORED to bite it and now there are reports that she may become a recurring character. 

Michael shoots Kate... by accident.  He'll hide out in Kelly's basement.  Mike knows he's there.  Jason will come and get him and bring him to his parents.  Carly and Sonny are RUMORED to take him to the PCPD to admit to his crime.  As the acting DA, Alexis lets the mini mobster off with a slap on the wrist and some community service.  BEFORE Mikey admits his guilt, we're hearing that Sonny thinks the Zacchara's are behind Kate's shooting.  Kate's shooting should be the catalyst for reuniting Skate. 

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Peyla sex?  That's what we're hearing.  Its offscreen but they hook up once again.  Sorry Scrubs fans.

Why is there incriminating evidence in Logan's apartment?  He says he was trying to frame Johnny to get him out of Lulu's life.  

Luke and Tracey blackmail their way back into the Q Mansion.  They know Monica was drivng drunk the night of the hit and run.  They'll get their comfy digs back and a little cash too. 

Remember we told you that Cassius has some connections to PC?  Well it looks liek his connection is to Epiphany and we may learn more when she has her haert attack.  

Speaking of Epiphany... what will Spinelli find when he goes through Stan's belongings?

Steve Burton is going on a two week vacation.  He'll pre-tape scenes to air while he is gone.