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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.12.08

Here's the Scoop!

Robin having TWINS?  That's the latest and greatest!  RUMORS say Dr. Scorpio will learn she is expecting two babies!  Does this have something to do with Robin having problems during her pregnancy? Possibly.  Remember, patrick performs Robin's first ultra sound when she passes out, yet again.  Will he be telling her about the twins?

Dr. Devlin changed his specialty ....did anyone notice? When he first arrived at GH he said he was an oncologist, now he's a plastic surgeon.  They're really pushing for the McSteamy comparison aren't they?  GH is known for their lack of continuity and Ian being a plastic surgeon shouldn't be too hard to figure out.  Plastic surgeon, doing business with Jerry Jacks who just happens to have gotten a new face?  You do the math. 

Maxie and Spinelli are on a man hunt and they're not quitting anytime soon.  Even when it looks like the TMK has been caught, again, the PI Pair will have their doubts.  It should be Logan who is labeled the TMK next but we're still hearing that's not the case.  Can I say I'm loving Maxie and Spinelli!  I think this whole PI storyline is genius and I'd love to see Maxie follow in Felicia's footsteps with her own little witch twist. 

Nikolas will start to be eaten up by guilt.  Not just over the possibility that he hit Sam but that his refusal to give up Emily could hurt more people in the long run.  Will his memories make him feel worse or convince him to get the help he needs?

More Diane and Alexis scenes!  Again, genius.  This friendship has been wonderful and I am hearing that we'll get some bonding between the ladies before trouble strikes.  

Patrick and Ian will be highly competitive with one another.  Will Robin join in on the fun?  She'll be annoyed with Patrick and most likely his and Ian's competition for the ladies but it'll be the medicine that really has these three squaring off.  RUMORS say Ian will tell Nikolas about an experimental drug to treat his tumor.  

Lulu and Johnny continue to get closer but what about Logan?  He's still in the picture but don't forget, everyone will think he's the TMK.  Does Claudia want to check out baby brother's girlfriend?  That's what we're hearing!

When Logan is knocked out, he'll be hospitalized.  Is someone going to play Angel of Justice? We're hearing RUMORS that Maxie may take matters into her own hands.  Remember early RUMORS have Logan in a coma after the blow to the head.  IF Maxie thinks about killing Logan, we're hearing she doesn't go through with it. 

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Luke and Tracey's evidence to blackmail Monica with....her clothes from the night of the hit and run. 

Ric needs a nurse.  Does he call on his ex-wife?  Is Marianna hurt?  

Patrick has some news for Sam?  Is this the miracle baby that's been RUMORED?  IF Sam gets some news from Patrick, we're hearing she keeps it to herself.  Also, Sam returns to her apartment, alone.  Is danger waiting for her? 

Carly and Robin cross paths in Dr. Lee's office.  This should be fun as the two arch enemies find out they're pregnant at the same time. 

Does Marianna steal the deeds to Ric's piers?  We're hearing yes but she winds up giving them back.  

We told you about the pool game between Jason and Claudia... there may be a slight correction to the information we first reported.  Jason may be looking for Claudia to talk her into a truce.  NOW, we have heard, that the pair may shoot pool twice.  So he may be looking for her the second time. 

Multiple reveals filmed?   That's another RUMOR out there.  GH is trying hard to keep secrets and we're hearing a few different versions of the TMK reveal have been filmed in an attempt to plug up the leaks.  

More on the accidental shooting.... Morgan ties into the story as previously reported.  RUMORS have Michael finding Morgan playing with his gun, thinking its just another toy.  This scares Michael and he decides to get rid of the gun.  The RUMORS say he'll take it to the docks to pitch it in the harbor but something scares him and the mini mobster drops the gun which fires off a shot.  Kate is hit.  Sonny and Company think its the Z Family and Michael goes on the run.