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Michael Bruno on the Shamika Chronicles

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It's always interesting where one comes across some juicy details. We always appreciate Michael Bruno's frank comments on the state of soaps and as a guest on the Shamika Chronicles he talks with Shamika about the Writers Strike and reveals some very interesting tidbits. Based on the mentioned of "The Wire" premiering on January 6, these clips had to have been recorded prior to that point. You'll want to check out both clips.

Here's a bullet point of what he says.

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  • While in New York he's talking to All My Children about a star on another soap that wants to come to Pine Valley.
  • Historically speaking, soaps never recovered from the OJ Simpson trial
  • Confirmed rumors that at least two Head Writers will probably be let go after the strike.
  • Confirmed that ABC begged Budig to come back and that Budig got screwed by the Writers Strike.
  • If the soaps went down for two weeks because of the strike we would have lost at least two soaps
  • "Three shows are on their last leg"