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Plane Crash - Days Style

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Days have just portrayed yet another dramatic plane crash. (Man I love these!) I have seen my fair share of plane crashes on Days over time, but one of my favourite's was when Marlena went missing or was presumed dead. However, I just came across this video today. This was a plane crash on Days back in either the late 70's or early 80's. The plane was headed back to Salem or to Haiti for one of Anna's fashion shoots. A plane load of Salemites including current Days stars Tony, Anna, Bo and Hope found themselves in a little messed up situation when the plane crashed into scrub. What I like most about this is the use of it's sets. Very original with most of it shot on location. Why they don't do this now is beyond me....Surely times couldn't be that tough could they?!  Looks like we lost Grandpa Shawn in current episodes of Days in the US but in this video, it spells the end for none other than Daphne DiMera. Ever wondered what she looked like? Here she is.

This video also stars Liz Curtis, Eugene Bradford and Calliope Jones.

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