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Days Of Our Lives: Thom Racina's American Days Pie - 1984 to 1986.

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In conjunction with Daytime Confidential's recent podcast interview with Thom Racina, I have stumbled across a Thom Racina inspired video with a compilation of vintage Days of Our Lives footage which was taken from the years 1984 to 1986. During this era, Thom Racina worked in close circles with other Days writers Leah Laiman and Sheri Anderson. For many die hard Days fans, these years were highly regarded as Days' best ever scripted. With some terrific epic storytelling, Thom Racina stirred the hearts of many and brought to life many of our favourite loved characters. During this clip, you visit stories that you can only hope the current Days hierarchy are witnessing. It's a mixture of inspirational drama, on location adventure, traditional romance, sadness and most of all, classic Days at it's prime. Three cheers to Thom Racina for bringing us such magic and creating a powerful daytime drama with it's rich history and poised with soap opera glory.

Music - American Pie by Don McLean.

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