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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.13.08

Here's the Scoop!

Michael's on the run after Kate is shot!  It was first reported that he would hide out in the basement of Kelly's.  Now RUMORS say he'll hop on a cargo ship and hide out there.  There are rumblings of a location shoot that could be a part of this storyline.  Grandpa Mike's role?  He'll tell Sonny he saw Michael buying bullets on the docks.  Sonny is convinced the Zacchara's are behind Kate's shooting.  RUMORS say that Claudia doesn't even know about Kate until she sees her with Sonny.  At some point look for Kate and Sonny to begin to reunite and for Claudia to put the moves on Sonny who rebuffs her advances.  There's nothing worse than a woman scorned....

Speaking of Kate's shooting...
how badly hurt is the magazine mogul?  Early RUMORS said it wouldn't be anything fatal and most likely a minor injury.  Now we're seeing reports that Kate may need surgery and that her injuries could be serious.

More and more RUMORS are saying the killer is revealed...SOON!  That doesn't mean he's caught.

More special effects coming to GH!  Reports say the effects are part of the murder mystery. 

Marianna is a victim of domestic assault.  That's where her split lip and bruises came from.  We'll meet Randy, her boyfriend/ex.  Ric is said to help her and when Marianna gets her hands on the deed to the piers once again, she won't be able to go through with what Trevor has demanded. Yesterday we mentioned that Ric may be needing his ex-wife's nursing skills.  Anyone else think that Marianna needs a little patching up after a run in with Randy? Oh, by the way, Randy in being played by Jim Palmer who's credits include stunt work on a long list of some pretty major movies.

Liz in danger?  That's a RUMOR out there.  And even though Claudia will find out about Jason's love and then eventually his son, we're hearing its not Claudia that puts her in danger.  Is Jake in danger too?  Baby Jake may be with his mom when the danger occurs.  Not to worry though, we're hearing Elizabeth and Jake will be ok.  They're saved before any harm comes to them.  Is it Jason and Claudia who stop whatever is intended to happen to Elizabeth and Jake?

We've been hearing that Nikolas starts to remember things.  Now we're hearing that Emily may be re-living her murder as well.  Will the pair team up to figure out who the killer is? Can a hallucination have memories?  If Nikoals wants her to, she can.

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The Diane and Alexis scenes coming up... the ladies spend Valentine's Day together. 

Claudia should be paying Daddy another visit.  Will this meeting answer her questions or leave her with more?

As we told you before... GH will be joining in on the GoRed Campaign.  Their's will be later in the month and it will be a ladies luncheon at Kelly's.  Epiphany will be out of the hospital at the time and most likely the guest of honor.


Kate moving into Greystone?

Is Elizabeth putting herself in danger for Jason?

Sam finds a clue to who the killer is.