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A Tribute to Shell Kepler & Amy Vining

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I found a wonderful article at Jack Martin's Watercooler. Here is a taste but be sure to read his whole touching tribute!

Ed Martin's TV Buzz: "General Hospital" Sadness: Remembering Nurse Amy Vining


"But the real reason why Kepler deserves a prominent footnote in the history of daytime drama is because of Amy's inadvertent contribution to the circumstances that led to Luke raping Laura in the Campus Disco in the fall of 1979. Laura, who was newlywed to good-boy Scotty at the time, was working for bad-boy Luke at the disco. On the night that Laura was attacked by Luke, Scotty had asked Amy to tell her that he wouldn't be able to pick her up when her shift ended. Amy, who was distracted by other matters, forgot to give Laura the message, leaving her stranded at the disco after closing and thinking her marriage was in trouble. (Remember, the arrival of the cell phone was still a long way off.) Luke, you may recall, was in love with Laura, a girl he thought he could never have, and believed that he was about to be killed by the murderous Frank Smith mob. Hence, his deranged assault on Laura – which did nothing less than change General Hospital and all of daytime drama forever."

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