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General Hospital: A Second Scoop of Spoilers 02.14.08

Hey its Valentine's Day...everyone deserves a second scoop of something sweet. 


Let's talk about what MAY happen.  We keep hearing that Sweeps will really heat up towards the end.  Here are some RUMORS about what's to come!

The TMK is revealed.   We're still hearing its Diego.  The Quad (Jason, Liz, Lucky and Sam) all wind up hostages of the TMK.  Is Liz the hero or will Jason retain that crown?  Liz could be Lucky's hero as the latest reports say Lucky is shot and she'll be by his side.  Most likely as a nurse.  

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What else?  Well Liason should be outed because of all this.  It may be prior to ALL four of them being held.  RUMORS say Sam is grabbed and then possibly Elizabeth with Jason and Lucky to follow. ( Now, that's my best deduction of what's out there, I may be wrong ) Is it Liz's disappearance that has Jason's feelings front and center? We're hearing that once outed, Jason and Elizabeth will remain together.  Get ready for the danger speech as Jason will worry about Elizabeth and the boy's safety. 

Who is going to get this foursome out of their current predicament?  Spinelli? MAYBE... at least that's one of the RUMORS out there.  He's hot on the trail of the TMK and even though he'll believe its Logan it doesn't seem that Spinelli's case is closed.  Will that lead the grasshopper to his master? Maybe, however from knowledge of how GH works, Jason will save the day BUT with Guza's pen dry, maybe Conforti and Wolfe gave the hero title to someone else.

Another RUMOR out there was somewhat cryptic.There were four. Now there are two. Which two? It looks like this one could be referring to the hit and run.  We're hearing its not Carly who hit Sam, so who else can we drop as a suspect?  Nikolas, maybe?  EARLY RUMORS labeled Nikolas as Sam's assailant, now we're hearing that could be wrong.  So the two that are left... Elizabeth and Monica.  Elizabeth hit the TMK and Monica is who hit Sam.  

My thoughts ( I was just discussing this with Tina ) : Having Monica be the one who hit Sam opens up more story for Monica.  NIkolas has plenty of story with his brain tumor, his hallucinations and solving Emily's murder.  

Now, remember, this is all towards the end of sweeps, so look for alot to start happening next week but IF the RUMORS are true and sweeps really heats up it won't be until the end of February, early March.