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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.14.08

Happy Valentine's Day!  Here's the Scoop!


Why the picture of Sam?  Well we're hearing she is the TMK's final victim... Sam does not die, RUMORS say she is kidnapped by the killer.  We mentioned before that once Sam is released from GH she goes home to an empty apartment and danger of course is waiting for her.  Is this when the TMK grabs her?  More on this below...


Nikolas will remember Emily's death!  He'll see her being strangled but he will not be able to make out the killer's face.  Before he can act on what he remembers, Nikolas has that seizure we've been telling you about.  Dr. Devlin goes behind Patrick & Robin's back and offers Nikolas the experimental drug therapy.  Nikolas thinks that Ian's plan means Emily could stick around.  What does Emily think?  She wants Nikolas to be healed and to live.  Nikolas doesn't know if he should go with the new Doc's plan or with his friends.  Will Nikolas' illness piece more of the puzzle together?


Now remember, Lulu goes to Logan's looking for proof that he is the killer.  Spinelli tells the blonde one that he thinks the crabby comando is actually the Text Message Killer.  Looking to prove he's not, Lulu starts her search.  Logan interrupts her but has she already found something that could label him the killer?  Looks like she has as RUMORS say Logan tells her he was trying to frame Johnny Z to get him out of Lulu's life.  When someone comes knocking on Logan's door, he covers Lu's mouth to keep her quiet.  Lulu knocks Logan out...cold.  Who's at the door?  Johnny, of course!  They get Logan to GH but Lulu is a little conflicted.  Is Logan the killer or was he telling her the truth about trying to frame Johnny?  According to Johnny, everyone knows Logan is the killer and he may not be wrong.  We're hearing that even Scotty believes his son could be behind the murders.  Lulu's still torn.  Will sleeping with Johnny help her figure it all out? 

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Maxie is convinced that Logan killed her sister and her boyfriend.  Like we told you before, she'll contemplate being an Angel of Justice and killing Logan in his hospital room.  Maxie is ballsy, but not that ballsy.

All these Mobsters...every one of them looking for the other's weakness.  We all know Sonny's is his kids.  He may not be father of the year, but going after his loved ones could destroy him.  Jason's is pretty easy, Elizabeth and Jake.  Claudia figures that one out but what about Claudia?  What's her weakness?  Johnny!  

Speaking of Sonny's kids.... Kristina is traumatized.  She saw the killer yesterday and what happened last time she went into shock?  She saw her sister kill a man.  With all the RUMORS that Diego is the killer and that Ignaccio is back on set, well lets just say it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.  Now, the mini-mobster Michael.  He's on the run after Kate's shooting.  Carly and Jason are worried when Michael doesn't come home after school.  They start looking for him and Carly SHOULD find out what Michael has really been up to when Jason tells her about her son's new interest in guns.  Carly is pissed!  She's mad that Sonny and Jason kept this to themselves and didn't trust her to handle this.  Jax tries to help his wife when she freaks out over Michael.  It doesn't seem to help though as he's said to confide in Kate.  

Sonny sits vigil.  He'll be by Kate's side during her recovery.  Sitting vigil and planning his war against the Zacchara's.  RUMORS have Sonny playing into Kristina's story as both her parents try to get through to her. 

Carly in pain?   We're hearing the expectant mother doubles over in pain.  Is this when she tells Jason she's pregnant?

How about some Scrubs stuff?  Patrick gives Robin some flowers today... in the name of friendship.  He'll continue to question Robin about the father, not because he thinks he could be the dad but because he doesn't believe she used an anonymous donor.  Does Patrick wish he were the father?  Ian thinks he does.  Will Patrick think he's figured out who the daddy is? Will he think its Jax after overhearing a conversation between the old friends?

That RUMORED location shoot.... once RUMORED to be for Elizabeth, then Michael, now back to Elizabeth.  Is the killer after her too?  Jason to the rescue!  We're hearing that Sam and Liz are both in need of rescuing and possibly Lucky too!  Is PCPD's finest in deep water?  Of course Jason rides in and saves the day, GH wouldn't have it any other way.  That location shoot....its said to be for the quad.  The location?  Somewhere in the woods. 

Lets talk Sweeps.  Always my favorite time on GH, until now.  This sweeps has been the most boring sweeps General Hospital has ever produced.  Is it that we've been spoiled with the Metro Court Hostage Crisis and the Black & White Ball or is this where Robert Guza's absence is really being felt?  Love him or hate him, Guza knows how to write a sweeps period better than anyone.  So what can we expect for the rest of sweeps?  The same snooze worthy episodes we've been getting?  We're hearing that sweeps starts to heat up at the end.  It could be something pretty good if the RUMORS are true.  We're also hearing there is something big coming that insiders haven't spilled. 

A few things...

Nikolas' seizure starts tomorrow into Monday.  He'll be telling Elizabeth what he sees while reliving Emily's death.  

Kate's shooting storyline also kicks off tomorrow.  

Jason and Claudia will have their scenes today with a nod to the time Jason and Carly first met.  RUMORS say the actors ad-libbed alot to give their fans a nod to history. Spinelli interrupts them and Jason heads to the hospital to see Elizabeth... not the safe house as previously reported.

Ian and Sam may be getting closer and we're hearing that LuSam is not back together as of early March.  That doesn't mean Lucky will not be jealous of the attention Sam gets from Dr. Devlin while she's still at GH.