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One Life to Live Spoilers

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So, what's Allison's secret? Does anyone know? Will anyone find out? Allison and Jared will tussle over a gun and she will fall from a balcony. Will she survive? Will she take her secrets to the grave? What is her secret? So many questions .... what are the answers? Well, if the fi-core writers were still in power, I would tell you that there was a triplet. Now, with the return of Ron to the writers chair, who knows what the secret will be, but rest assured it will involve Jessica and Natalie.


So what's going to happen to all the secrets in the box? RUMORS now have Roxy and Dorian with the pile of secrets. Will they read them or destroy them? Lindsey seems to be involved in Bo's firing as police commisioner, but before Bo goes out the door, he supposedly tricks Ramsey into reinstating John so that John can be his eyes and ears. How long will Ramsey last in the position? Not long if McBain has anything to say about it!

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