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Young and Restless: Latham Fired! What Are the Top 5 Things You'd Change ASAP?

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We reported the news of Lynn Marie Latham's firing. We've asked who you would bring back. Now we're asking what are the Top 5 Things Would You Change ASAP?

I have a feeling I know at least one major thing that long time Young and Restless fans would have on their list (one doesn't need three guesses what that might be, lol). I won't actually utter the words but I'll be interested to see how many people have it on their list.

Here are the Top 5 Things I'd Change ASAP

1. Victoria Rowell Returns as Dru and renews rivalry with Phyllis, kicks her daughter's ass, and smacks some sense into Neil.

2. Victor's family would unite against him and take him down a few pegs and he'd actually lose.

3. Michael and Lauren wouldn't be window dressings.

4. Eileen Davidson returns and teams up with Jack.

5. Amber is written in character instead of this person we don't recognize when compared to Bold and Beautiful.

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