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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.15.08

TGIF!  Here's the Scoop!

Jason eliminated Nikolas as a suspect yesterday.  Did Carly convince the viewers and Jason that she didn't hit Sam?  Elizabeth and Monica will be the final two suspects.  As we told you yesterday, Monica hit Sam and Elizabeth hit the TMK.  Now that the PCPD believes the killer is still out there, how will Sam's accident affect the investigation?  Not much because as of right now, all the cops know is that Sam fought her attacker and did a number on his ribs.  They don't know that the killer was side swiped by Elizabeth's car. 

Nikolas' seizure brings on the memories of Emily's death.  More like a nightmare for the distraught Prince.  Nikolas never makes out the killer's face but will he be able to give Jason a clue to solving his sister's murder?  This nightmare has NIkolas more convinced that he can not have the surgery to remove his tumor.  He's determined to find out who killed Emily.

Are Jerry and Alexis over before they ever really started?  RUMORED kisses never happened and it seems like their scenes together are well, non-existent.  RUMORS now say that TPTB may have decided that Jerry is just too bad for Alexis.  

Claudia is one smart cookie.  She figures out that Jerry is working for someone and she demads to meet the real Moreau.  Now that Ian's on the canvas, we should be getting some answers about what Jerry Jacks was up to while away from Port Charles.  Back to Claudia... she'll be a thorn in Sonny's side and will cause problems for him and Jason. 


Speaking of Ian though... Dr. Evil, the Devil, whatever you want to call, go right ahead because all of the above fit.  We're hearing that Dr. Devlin is a bad dude.  What makes him so bad?  He doesn't care about anything or anyone.  Remember when he told Sam he wasn't scared of Jason?  Well it wasn't due to ignorance.  Ian isn't scared of anything and that may make him more dangerous than any of the villians to hit Port Charles.  Is that why Jerry's personal involvements annoy Ian to no end?  Most likely.  RUMORS say that Jerry will warn Sonny and Jason about Devlin, telling them he wants to win at any cost.  We're hearing that Ian is all about the competition and that could explain why he's changed his speacilty and why he's involving himself on Nikolas' case.  With Patrick, the medicine has always been a competition for the two.  What about Sam? How does she fit in?  Remember we told you Ian is looking for information on the key players in Port Chuck.  Sam has that information but beyond that, she's not that useful.  Sam's out of the mob orbit, personally.  

What about LuSam?  We told you yesterday that the Quad plays into the TMK reveal and that in the end Liason comes out of it a couple.  Will Lucky and Sam reunite?  It looks like they'll start to but in true GH fashion, it'll be a slow build.  Lucky and Sam came out of nowhere and the fans loved them but RUMORS say they'll have a little angst before they get back together. 

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Robin and Carly's parallel pregnancies kicked off yesterday.  We're hearing these two will add a little comedy to the canvas. 

Guza's back onset.  How will that impact the story?  Well from what we're hearing the basic outline is still his with changes made along the way.  We all know the better balanced canvas had absolutely nothing to do with Bob Guza.  But that better balance gave us rough writing and below par storytelling.  The return of Sarah Brown did nothing for GH's ratings and like we've talked about before, this sweeps, so far, has been a snoozefest.  



Who killed Cooper Barrett?  Was it the TMK or someone else?  RUMORS are pointing the finger at Dr. Devlin.  Why him?  Is he the TMK?  No, we're still hearing the killer is Diego but Devlin's connection to Jerry goes beyond their current dealings and RUMORS say Devlin's involvement with Jerry could go back to the Metro Court Hostage Crisis.  If Dr. Devlin was involved in the MC Crisis, he may have known that Cooper was Three.  Would Cooper have been able to identify Devlin?  Remember Maxie found those pills and gave them to Robin to analyze.  Will those pills match the poison Jerry gave Nikolas?  

There will be a complication with Carly's pregnancy.  We're hearing she does not lose the baby as we mentioned above, they're hoping for a little comedy out of the arch enemies being pregnant at the same time.  Dr. Lee is RUMORED to tell Carly later this month.  

War is declared.  Johnny's car is blown up.  RUMORS say he and Lulu are out on a date when this happens.  They are not hurt.

The TMK is killed at the SafeHouse?  Liz and Jason's safehouse.  Is this how they are outed?