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General Hospital: David Groh (DL Brock) Dies at 68

David Groh may be most famous for his role on Rhoda, where he played her husband Joe, but for longtime General Hospital viewers he will be recogonized as one of Bobbie Spencer's husbands. Groh died in Los Angeles of kidney cancer February 14. Rhoda Morgenstern and Joe Gerard made television history in the 1970s when they married and divorced. 


DL Brock appeared in Port Charles in 1983 and remained until his character was murdered in 1985. He married Bobbie Spencer, who was accused of killing her abusive husband. In the end, it was his daughter Terri who did him in. This lead to a convoluted storyline involving Terri's past in Laurelton. The best thing to come from that was the introduction of fan favorite Lucy Coe, who's sexy character was disguised as a timid librarian. 

Groh appeared in several television programs and movies, but loved Broadway best. Clips of DL Brock's murder mystery can be found at YouTube.  

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