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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations Feb 15,08

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Ok, I’m back. Anyone miss me? Anyone notice I’ve been gone?!!!

Claudia: I hate that they seem to be turning her from hard nosed tough chick into needy little sex kitten overnight. She plays Jason at Jake’s, now runs into him at the docks and practically begs him for…something. Than heads over to Sonny’s and drapes herself all over his desk for….something. Eww. And I know we always joke about the guards, but seriously, why has she been allowed to just enter Sonny’s office at least twice without being stopped.

Micheal: Ok, I’m a little annoyed that the gun wasn’t in his hand when it went off. To me, that’s giving them an out where he’s concerned. They’ll be all, “oh he dropped the gun and it went off and he didn’t’ mean to hurt whoever”. Which is total bull. If they were going to have the cojones to do this story right, Micheal should have fired the shot directly and then suffered the consequences of that.

Speaking of Micheal, the scene in his bedroom drove me insane. I know this is typical pre-teen/teen behaviour, but I absolutely hate it when kids get all “this is MY room” on their parents. No son, Mom and Dad pay the mortgage, it’s their room and they let you sleep in it. Until you start paying them rent on the room, it is not yours and is not private. Also, CarJax, take the freakin lock off that door. Although I was happy to see them go in after he left to check the room for drugs. At least Jax was thinking there.

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Do tptb hate Spencer or something? We never see the kid the entire year and now we don’t’ even get to see him on his birthday? Not even with his cousins? So glad Nadine finally told Nikolas that he’s got a kid that should come before his tumour lover.

As much as I despise Sonny, I did like his brief scene with Kristina. Still don’t understand why Kate wants him back, but whatever. But, weren't there supposed to be guards posted on Alexis and the girls at all times? How did both the Mayor and the TMK get past them if there are?

Still loving the Spinelli-Maxie pairing. Both actors work well together and it’s just refreshing to see.

Could there be more anvils that Logan is the TMK? Which means, he’s totally not. The only think Lulu didn’t find in his apartment was a neon sign that said, “I’m the killer, I’m the killer”