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DAYS 2008 - You Decide, Who Stays or Who Comes Back!

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Axes have fallen, big stars have been fired and old favourites have returned to Days of Our Lives over the last few months. Surprisingly, this has had a small effect on the ratings, an improvement from the dismal 1.9 the show was rating in 2007. Days now sits on 2.2, only .2 away from outright 3rd and .6 from equal second with  The Bold and the Beautiful. Could this be the turn around the show has been hoping for? NBC executives have been fighting off claims that daytime's biggest soap is on the verge of permanent cancellation. These rumours have surfaced time and time again with fans now rallying behind it's 40+ year veteran soap. Up until February 15 of this year, the show has taped 10,763 episodes, all of which have brought to life some TV's brightest, popular and most famous faces in daytime soap history.

If Days is heading in the right direction from this moment in, it may have something to do with the rather large numbers of cast members coming and going or fighting to keep their place. Here's a poll on only a very few Days cast changes or some I believe that may need to start taking shape in order to revive the show and keep it on it's upward rise.

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