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Days of our Lives: Spoilers 2.18.08 Love is in the Air

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G’day Days fans, welcome to this week’s edition of Days of our Lives spoilers: the view from Denial Island.  First things first, did they forget it was Valentine’s Day on Days last week? Never mind, it seems they’re more than making up for it this week – hope you’re all ready for a Days love fest!

The Plane Crash: the Aftermath

So we already saw that Grandpa Shawn didn’t make it, but the rest of the survivors aren’t in very good shape either.  There’s one dislocated shoulder, one busted prosthetic (guess who), another scar face (guess who again) and a few knocked unconscious.  Lucky there are so many doctors and nurses in the Brady family (is Belle still at school?).  Look out for some GOLD scenes between Jawn and Claire on Monday’s episode, which begs the question from this viewer… can we keep at least keep Claire if we have to lose Shelle? She’s absolutely priceless! 

Back in Salem

The family tries to figure out what’s happened to John’s plane.  Max and Lexie argue over who might be responsible for the plane trouble; some would say Max has a point, I say… shut up Max!  Leave my EJ alone!  Abe and Roman continue to try and find the plane, while Chelsea and Stephanie have a little freak out about never seeing their respective parents again.  Nick and Max join the party and try to comfort their gals.  Caroline and Victor get in on the search party (Yay! More Victor!).

The Plane Crash: Survivor Sleeping Arrangements

Survivor’s Ready? Pick your partner… now! It’s a case of sharing blankets for the survivors… and sharing body heat!  The moment some of us have been waiting for – John and Marlena get it on, as do Belle and Shawn!  Alas, the moving earth does not prompt a memory return for John, but he’s willing to try again, just in case – Marlena soon nips that in the bud, she cuts him off until he can show her some R-E-S-P-ECT… find out what it means to her Jawn.  Meanwhile, Chloe and Philip talk about bumping uglies, but decide they better not – and I can’t think of a comment to make about this that doesn’t involve Philip’s stump... I mean, half a leg, so will just leave it to your imagination :P.

The Rescue

So after Abe and Roman receive word that a crash site has been found, the resulting search helicopter is attracted to the survivors via John’s last flare (I guess reading the Soldier’s and Commando’s magazine on the plane was a good idea after all, Jawn). The survivors are taken to the hospital, where Bo has more tests ordered for his ‘cancer-like’ illness and Steve is admitted into ICU… but has someone followed him from Ireland to Salem??  In hospital, Steve receives a mysterious note containing with the words “That witch will never have your baby"; this is after he drops the news of Kayla’s pregnancy on big sis Stephanie.

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The Aftermath

John and Marlena share the news with the rest of the family about John’s parentage; while John starts to investigate how he can get his hands on a piece of the DiMera Pie.  Anyone else still thinking Stefano didn’t know about John being his half brother? I reckon he did, it’s just too coincidental that Stefano targeted him all these years, plus stole his kidney!  Is that not a severe case of sibling rivalry?? We need Stefano out of his coma... stat!

In other, non-related storylines…

Watch out for the reaction of Caroline to the news of Grandpa Shawn’s death

Also, the first glimpse of a meeting between Victor and Chloe, who’s only now been given the chance to question Chloe over his grandson Brady’s whereabouts (got a bit late to the party, Vic, but you made it eventually *glares at tptb*).

Tony and Anna continue their angry, sexually charged flirting, to no avail for Tony – Anna will not sleep with him, no matter how much he turns on the island charm.  Anna’s much more focused on doing well at her new job at the rival ad agency – a move which poor Tony still does not understand.  Someone please give the poor guy a head’s up will ya?

Next Week:

  • Steve goes face to face with Ava
  • The Salemites say goodbye to Grandpa Shawn
  • Sami wants an annulment from her marriage to EJ

Other News:

Shawn Christian (ex-Mike, ATWT, also on Summerland) is to play a new character Dr Daniel Jonas, his first airdate is March 4.