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General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers 02.18.08

Happy President's Day!  Here's the Scoop!


Robin tells Patrick he's the Daddy!  He asks and she answers, truthfully.  We're hearing he's mad but he might understand why she kept from telling him.  Is it a visit to Jake's that has him coming to his senses? Robin may be calling Patrick out on his playboy ways.  What about calling him out on not telling her the condom broke???  

The Captured Quad.... Sam is taken by the TMK from her apartment.  What about Elizabeth?  She's taken from Sam's apartment too!  Elizabeth goes there to talk to Sam and winds up trying to help her enemy.  Liz tries to fight off the TMK but gets herself grabbed in the process.  Sam is thrown into the trunk of Elizabeth's car and an unconscious Elizabeth is put in the back seat.  When Liz comes to, she'll try to grab the wheel causing an accident. 

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Kiss Sam goodbye Jason?  I love you from Liz to Lucky?  Most likely closure for the former pairs.  Diego tells Jason to kiss Sam goodbye and Elizabeth tells an injured Lucky she loves him, she'll always love him.  We are hearing that Liason is the story and LuSam should be reuniting. 

An explosion?  We're hearing a warehouse goes sky high.  

Broken glass?  RUMORS have Jason crawling through it. Other RUMORS have Sam being cut and needing a plastic surgeon.  

Diego is sporting a goatee.   He'll be revealed to Sam when he kidnaps her. 

Guza and Korte are both back and outlines are due soon.  We're hearing those outlines have a proposal in them.