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Top Ten Best Things On Days 02/11 - 2/15

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10. John constantly referring to Steve as "Dead Eye."

.  Steve's butterfly covered do rag. Oh so super manly.

.  Claire sitting in a seat all by herself freezing while everyone else

huddled for warmth.

.  Chloe wasting 99% of the oxygen on the plane with her gasping and

freaking out.

. Caroline and Victor strolling down memory lane at the behest of

Chelsea. LOVED the flashbacks with Bo's uber-mullet!

.  The (alleged) end to the Brady/DiMera Vendetta.

.  Sami and EJ got to move out of the unsafest safe house in the

history of the world.

.  Tony witnessed EJ's attempt at parenting 2 babies at the same time.

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2.  John flat out refusing to share his little oxygen tank with anyone. I really

believed that Claire could have been gasping for air and the only way he would

have given her any is if Bo had wrestled him to the ground. Then when John finally 

gave Claire the oxygen he would have rolled his eyes while he did it!!! 

1.  An actual honest-to-God Friday cliffhanger. We know not everyone (ie

NO one) will die but it has been a long time since we've done a fade to

black amidst screams. I will admit that I didn't ff Friday. Well, some

of the boring parts in RoAbe's office but that's it!.

Honorable Mention?

OMS's death. Cheesy yet totally pointless. I especially loved how no one

glanced twice at him after Hope covered his head.

Max going off on Lexie for having an evil family. Granted it is a scene

from next week (which is why only the Honorable Mention) and it could be

completely different that the clip showed but that scene looks fierce.

Max hasn't really gotten involved in the Vendetta since he went to Italy

with Kay. Nice to see him getting back to his Bradyness.