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General Hospital A Second Scoop of Spoilers

I just realized that part of this morning's post was deleted....

Scrubs: It's Ian that has Patrick asking Robin if he's the daddy.  He'll ask his med school buddy if there is anyway he could be the father of Robin's baby.  He asks, she says you're the papa, they argue and Patrick winds up at Jake's. Claudia is at Jake's too and may be making a pass at Patrick.  Later, Robin will be put on bed rest due to high blood pressure.  She'll be hospitalized. 

Dr. Evil: We'll learn that Ian's involvement with PC goes back to last February.  Those vials in the briefcase.... Ian's.  He's the real Mr. Moreau.  

Sonny has Johnny and Claudia tells Jason there will be hell to pay if something happens to her baby brother.  Does Jason even know that Sonny took Johnny?  We're hearing no, he'll find out when Claudia issues her warning.  Sonny may be holding Johnny at an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Jason is trying to locate his partner and his prisoner.  Claudia and Jason may be bumping into each other as they are both looking for the same thing. 

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What else doesn't Jason know?  He may not know that Elizabeth is missing.  RUMORS say Diego tells him when Jason is taken.

Elizabeth watches as Lucky is shot....earlier we told you it may be Lucky taking a bullet that is meant for Elizabeth. Now there are some RUMORS out there that Lucky may be shot trying to come to the rescue as Elizabeth watches from the back seat. 

Car going over a bridge?  Remember we told you Elizabeth grabs the wheel...